The voice of a generation, Declan McKenna hits at Humongous issues in his latest venture.

At 18, newcomer Declan McKenna is slowly becoming a savior for young people; confronting political or social issues with heart-warming melodies.

Humongous is no exception.

Taking a hit at a modern day, self-obsessed, technology-obsessed, envious society, he continuously asks, ‘do you care?’

A simple soundscape transforms to a PacMan-esque game show as synths reign free in an accelerating bid to freedom.

Accompanying the release, a visual aid to further emphasize the meaning behind it’s glistening pop track. Overshadowing burning war zones, there’s more to this than an interesting watch as the video attacks ignorance, neglect and materialism.

As his debut album, What Do You Think About The Car? peeks round the corner, watch Humongous below.

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