We sat down with the indie-pop outfit that is Youth Club, to speak all things touring, pen pals and what to expect in 2017.

So you guys were playing in Manchester last night?

Gerarrd: Woo!

How was it?

Joe: Loads of fun!

Gerarrd: Yeah it was great

Danny: Really good crowd

Joe: We were there a while ago and it was so good to be back for our own show! Yeah we really enjoyed it, good turnout, people bought merch, it was a good time all around

Are you excited for Glasgow tonight?

Gerarrd: So excited!

Joe: Yeah we played here before and couldn’t wait to get back really

Danny: Good food as well

I’ve never had food here before!

Joe: Honestly it was one of the main reasons we wanted to come back, burgers are insane!

Danny: Definitely recommend!

So what’s life on the road like with Youth Club then?

Rees: Loads of food

Joe: We love to eat, all the time

Gerarrd: And you can never get bored of it

Danny: The only thing is since we’re traveling a lot we get pretty bad cabin fever in the van, where we go slightly mental. So when we’re in new cities we try and make sure to get out and do stuff! But yeah at the moment it’s just been us going crazy in the van

Gerarrd: Rees nearly lost it earlier

Rees: Yeah was just pointing at things and shouting really

What would you say has been the best lessons you’ve learnt while touring? Any survival tips?

Gerarrd: Extra socks

Even when I’m home I can never find any socks

Gerarrd: This is true, having extra socks should just be a general survival tip for life

Danny: I am sorted for socks this time around actually, went to Primark and there were loads for £2. Sorted.

Joe: Wash when you can

Rees: Make sure you always take the rider, every last bit of it. There’s the waters, the houmous and anything you can carry

Gerarrd: Never underestimate the rider

Rees: It often becomes breakfast as well

Joe: Or a midnight munch, just whatever

Danny: Also eat when you can, you sort of lose any sense of time so having three set meals a day is a bit of a goner

Joe: Or just eat when you’re hungry really, like any normal person would

Danny: Ha! I mean how we can never really stick to a normal routine so you do just need to take what you can get when you can

Rees: Like if you’re not that hungry but you get offered dinner you have to kind of eat it then, otherwise you’ll be eating right before you go on stage and that’s never a good idea

Gerarrd: You have to live a bit like a hamster

Danny: Yes exactly!

Rees: I’ve got the cheeks for it as well

What can you tell us about your latest single Sorry? 

Joe: It started out as me and Dan just trying out some equipment and we sort of got the idea of it. We then brought it to Rees and worked on it a little more then Gerarrd joined in

Gerarrd: We’d had the whole idea of the song for quite a while

Danny: Yeah the concept was already there, like the whole thing of always saying sorry, we’re definitely use to it and I guess the context of the word got a little lost. Sometimes you say it and you don’t really mean it and that’s missing the whole point of apologising to someone, so yeah lyrically the song kind of came from that

How did you find the music video? 

Gerarrd: Ah it was funny!

Getting beat up is always a good time

Gerarrd: Ha! Exactly

Joe: My all time favourite moment of it is when we were trying loads of different ideas and be as experimental as possible so there was one scene where we all had to get water thrown on us, and Rees for continuity wanted to do a different liquid – so he chose Coke

Rees: Pepsi actually

Danny: There is a difference

Rees: It was still the biggest mistake of my life

Danny: Should of chosen Coke!

Joe: I just love it. Oh and also the bit where we all get our hair pulled and tugged on, it was fine for me, Danny and Gerarrd but they just went straight for the beard with Rees

Rees: They got it just fine as well, ha! So that was your favourite part then?

Joe: Yeah you just smashed it

Rees: I’ll take it

Danny: It was quite good fun though, like I mentioned before how the lyrical content was a bit more serious so we we wanted the video to be a bit more tongue and cheek – it was good!

What would you say has been the all time favourite video then? In terms of filming and the final outcome?

Joe/Danny/Gerarrd/Rees: People!

Danny: Such a good day

Joe: It was my birthday as well so the party scene in it wasn’t just a scene

Danny: That was the one video shoot where we didn’t really have a plan, we did have a really good lunch though

Gerarrd: Yeah it was so much fun!

Joe: I think we really hit gold with that one

Would you say that’s the favourite to play live also?

Rees: Definitely one of my favourites to play yeah!

Danny: I think it depends where you’re playing like we’ll finish a set and then get off stage and one of us will go “you know what? Really enjoyed playing *blank* tonight!” and we’ll all usually agree, surprises us each time! I use to say People but I think it honestly does change, especially as some songs get older we get more excited about the newer ones!

While on stage, what do you think has been the weirdest thing you’ve ever have shouted at you from the crowd?

Danny: Ha! In Manchester last night someone shouted “I KNOW YOU FROM TINDER” which was good

Joe: There was another time where just as part of a song went quiet this woman accidentally shouted something pretty rude

Danny: Yeah I don’t think she was expecting it get so quiet so quickly

Gerarrd: And the next lyric I had to sing after that was “it’s kinda hard…”


Rees: We all started laughing on stage

Gerarrd: It was good, ha!

So if you had to describe each other with an emoji, which ones would you go for?

Danny: Joe would definitely be the smiling poo one

Joe: Pete our bass player would be the rock show one, you know like the rock hand gesture thing?

Rees: Yeah I agree with that one

Gerarrd: Joe would maybe also be the black Santa

Danny: Just because he loves the black Santa

Gerarrd: I feel like an eggplant emoji needs to be involved somewhere as well

Rees: Just throw it in

2016 is coming to an end, what would you say has been the biggest highlight?

Joe: Boardmasters was really cool!

Gerarrd: Yeah the festival season this year was really good

Joe: We went there and it was a pretty big stage, so we were expecting since we’d never been there before and the time we were on at that it would just be dead but it was completely packed! So it was really really good

Danny: That’s one we’re really wanting to go back to next year as well

Gerarrd: Definitely!

What can Youth Club fans be keeping an eye out for in 2017 then?

Joe: New music

Gerarrd: New videos, more shows

Joe: New kids – Rees is starting a wee family!

Danny: They’ll also be a lot of palm tree emojis. So yeah new music, vidoes, shows, kids and palm tree emojis

What more could anyone want?

Joe: Exactly!

So to finish off the interview let’s play a quick game of Who’s Most Likely To. 

Joe: Ah ok! I already know Gerrard will be most likely to…

Rees: No don’t say anything in case you ruin a question in the game!

Joe: Good point! Okay I’ll wait until the end

Ha! First up, who’s most likely to fall off stage?

Gerarrd: Definitely Pete

Joe: Yeah our bassist Pete for sure

Rees: And style it out as well

Who’s most likely to ask “when are you due?” to someone who isn’t pregnant?

Joe: Probably Gerrard, you just come out with whatever’s on your mind really

Gerarrd: I’d like to think I wouldn’t, but I know I’m going to land myself in that situation one day and it’s not going to be good!

Who’s most likely to end up at a karaoke bar on a night out?

Gerrard: Me

Danny: Yeah definitely! We’d be just behind him though

What song would you go with?

Gerarrd: I love Bruce Springsteen’s song Dancing In The Dark – so that! It’s amazing

Who’s most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse? 

Gerarrd: Me

Joe: Nah Rees!

Gerrard: I’d be with Rees though

Joe: Ha!

Rees: I like the logic

Who’s most likely to get lost on tour?

Joe: Me

Gerarrd: And me

Joe: we’ve got a pattern here

Who’s most likely to get married on a night out in Vegas?

Danny/Rees/Joe: Gerry!

Gerarrd: I’ll take it

Who’s most likely to end up on Jeremy Kyle?

Gerarrd: Me, again!

What was the one you were thinking of Joe?

Joe: Ha! Oh yeah, ok so mine would’ve been “Who’s most likely to end up with a pen on a night out?”

Danny/Rees/Gerrard: Ha!

Joe: It’s a funny story

Danny: I mean it isn’t that good story, it’s not going to make that much sense. It’s a classic ‘you had to be there’ moment but give it a go!

Joe: Basically Gerry ended up with a really nice pen after a night out. He had gone off one night to a house party and his phone had died but we somehow managed to pick him up the next day and when we got him we asked what he’d been up to and he just responded “someone made me a pen” and pulled out this handcrafted pen from his pocket

Gerarrd: Someone handcrafted a pen for me!

Handcrafted a pen?!

Gerarrd: And then when my phone charged back up I had all these photos of this random guy making me a pen

Joe: It was the weirdest thing

Gerarrd: Yeah, I like to think we’re pen pals – ha!

Interview by Mara Hadden.

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