We talk emojis, Hit The Road and playing a gig naked with The Vegan Leather.

Infectious ear worms appear through the art-pop touch of Paisley’s, The Vegan Leather.

Dual vocals pool enticing harmonies to surface, placed alongside 80s electronic beats and instinctive drum patterns – each track makes for a party anthem.

The Vegan Leather, a name to remember.

The Vegan Leather @ King Tuts

So you’re playing with The Sunshine Underground tonight at King Tuts, last time you played here it was a sold out show. How was that for you guys?

Gianluca: It was absolutely crazy, mental! It was the first time we ever headlined King Tuts and we were just hoping for the best really, we did not expect to sell out! The actual gig itself was brilliant because we had really good pals of ours playing also like The Ninth Wave, Ali Roberston and BooHooHoo – who were all great! Then we came on and the crowd had insane energy and were just mental!

You guys have been pretty busy with shows this year, so what emoji would you say best describes you coming off stage after a set?

Duncan: Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever used an emoji in my life

Gianluca: Yes you have!

Duncan: Oooh right, okay

Matt: I’d go that eggplant one

Gianluca: What? That’s crude

Matt: How what’d you mean? It’s just a plant… Okay maybe the fire one then, if it was “lit” then sure go for it

Ha! Good answer

Gianluca: I’d go the upside down smiley face I think

Duncan: I’d be the biggest smiley face you could ever see – if there is one like that!

Matt: I’m going with the fire and “one hunna” ones 

So going back to the start, how did you guys come about and together as a band?

Gianluca: The band was originally just me and just like syncronising a bunch of keyboards together and playing kraft-worky, techno sounding music I guess, that was alright for a bit. But I got to a point where I wanted to make spacey, war paint kind of stuff so thought a band would be best for that! Me and Duncan have been playing in bands for years and years so Duncan played drums for me and Matt played bass – so it was just the three of us for a while! But then we made the transition from doing chilled out stuff to a more direct pop kind of thing. That’s where we brought our old friend Marie in as well

Matt: Old friend Marie!

Marie: Ha! Queen of pop

Gianluca: Yes! Queen of pop. And that was at the end of 2014 so from then we’ve just really worked and progressed on being a four piece over the past year and a half now we’re here!

How was the name of the band decided?

Gianluca: When I’d just left school and I’d just got my first job and then my first paycheck, I went to Topshop. And there was a pair of these fake leather trousers and I just thought about how I really needed them! So I wore them to parties and everything and people just started saying to me “oh vegan leather” loads so after a while it kind of stuck. So it came from a pair of trousers!

Marie: Someone in Aberdeen was saying “oh The Vegan Weather, you guys were great” 

Matt: So we now know to pronounce our L’s better on stage, ha!

Ha! So we’re not too sure if it was as a band or just yourself (Gianluca) who did Hit The Road a while back?

Gianluca: Well technically it was just me and Duncan in a previous band, then Mathew was doing it as well

Matt: Yeah that’s how we met! Both being on the same Hit The Road tour, but just different bands. I was in a hard, metal, dubstep, shite band

Gianluca: Yeah and we were like 16 or something, just always talking about Metronica and Muse and all that as well

Matt: And LCD Soundsystem and how we loved all those bands. Pretty much talked about that the whole time and is how we became friends and started a music relationship

Marie: As well as romantically

Matt: Oh yeah, of course!

Gianluca: So intensely romantic

Matt: But yeah we knew each other from Hit The Road on wards and I was starting to think “can you just hurry up and make a band already so we can do something” I mean take your bloody time!

Gianluca: Well I went to uni and just faffed around for a bit

Matt: Like you always do!

And now you’re here! 

Gianluca: And now I’m here

How do you guys think the support from the Scottish Music Centre (with projects such as Hit The Road) has impacted the band?

Gianluca: It’s been great! Like we got offered Belladrum this year with them – we were asked last year but sadly couldn’t do it – but this year was amazing! They’ve given so much support over the years and always shout us out on social media 

Matt: The first festival we played was Electric Fields on the Hit The Road stage last year!

Gianluca: Yeah that’s right! First festival we ever did 

Marie: Hit The Road is just amazing, I did the first ever one and was in this indie band

Matt: Original!

Marie: Yeah, very! But I must of been about 16 or 17 so nearly 5 years ago! As an initiative you go in and play these shows having no idea what a gig rep is or who you’re liaison is or even how to act! So they’re great in showing and teaching everything you need to know, so happy to be apart of it!

Yeah it’s great! So what’s up next for you guys?

Gianluca: We have some new music coming out at the start of next year and just hope to keep that going throughout and in between we’ve got a few gigs which will be good!

Tenement Trail this weekend isn’t it?

Gianluca: Yeah at Priory! 

Matt: Should be good! 

Gianluca: Also supporting Fat Suit at St Lukes on the 30th 

Ah just before Halloween, that’ll be good!

Gianluca: Going to be spooky

Marie: We’re going to dressed as the Father Ted cast I think

Ha, amazing! Who would guys be recommending for Tenement Trail then?

Gianluca: Oooh

Matt: Should we all give one each? 

Gianluca: Nah we’ve got too many pals, too many people to shout out

Marie: Make sure you don’t miss anyone!

Gianluca: Right okay, there’s Ninth Wave, The Van T’s, Declan Welsh

Matt: Definitely Declan Welsh yeah!

Gianluca: Lucia Fontaine, aah who else?

Matt: Five cousins! They’re great

Gianluca: Yeah definitely! Also Be Charlotte, Pronto Mama, Louuie and The Lockbacks 

Matt: We’re still going to forget someone and they’re going to kill us

Marie: I really want to see The Spook School

Matt: Actually Crash Club as well, never seen them live before, I’ve just seen all the videos and looks amazing

Gianluca: Yeah Spook School and Crash Club are really good!

Hope none of these people clash!

Marie: I know!

Gianluca: Won’t be too bad!

Marie: I don’t think we’re clashing with anyone actually

Gianluca: That’s going to seem like an insult to whoever we are clashing with now ha!

Marie: Oh yeah! It’ll be fine 

And lastly to finish off, we thought we’d play a standard game of Would You Rather. So, would you rather survive a zombie apocalypse or The Hunger Games?

Matt: Hunger Games had a shite ending so I’d rather be in a zombie apocalypse

Gianluca: If you were a zombie though what would you do

Matt: I’m think Walking Dead sort of things really. But I could find a shed or something and get a mixing desk so we could still make tunes as well 

Gianluca: Well I’d be dead, ha! Wouldn’t fathom the ability anymore

Matt: Good point

Gianluca: I think I’d go Hunger Games actually. Can’t really imagine complete and total global devastation, would also be pretty lonely! But with the Hunger Games you’d go back with pure weird stories, like what’s that guy… I’ve only seen the first one once and the bit that pure sticks out in my mind – don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing for the movie – but that one guy paints his entire face to look like a rock, just lying down on the ground completely camouflaged. So you’d find weird shit about people which would be cool

Would you rather sing instead of talk or dance instead of walk for the rest of your life?

Matt: They’re both great. I mean I love talking

Gianluca: Ha!

Matt: Okay, I’d rather dance instead of walk because you can do the running man and also moonwalk backwards – so it could work!

Marie: I kind of only dad dance, so singing instead of talking for me I think

Gianluca: Yeah I’m the same

Duncan: I don’t know, I need my legs cause I’m the drummer but you can’t really dance on a drum kit can you?

There’s a first for everything

Duncan: True! I could give it a shot and be the guy who does it

And lastly, would you rather play a gig naked or walk through your old school naked?

Gianluca: Gig naked

Marie: That was so quick! Must’ve thought about this before

Matt: Well your guitar would be covering your area

Gianluca: Exactly! Wait, what area?

Matt: Ha yeah you’re just a Ken Doll! I’d go gig 

Duncan: I’ve got the drumkit so I’d go gig

Matt: Aye you’re sorted 

Gianluca: Flea from the Chill Peppers has done it before, what festival was it?

Matt: I don’t know, they got naked a lot!

Amazing ha!

Matt: Pretty sure there’s a video somewhere, don’t look at it though 

Gianluca: It’ll be a great watch! 

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