We caught up with Mattie to speak all things DUMB BLOOD, festival highlights and dream collaborations.

UK four piece have made a very much needed VANT like dent in the world of music. Addressing major political issues that many choose to remain silent over, VANT have done nothing but shout about.

From the likes of THE ANSWER and most recent release PEACE & LOVE grabbing all sorts of attention, you won’t want to miss them this month on tour. Grab tickets here.

Read our interview below.

How was the You Me At Six tour?


Mattie: Great! Really nice guys and super helpful throughout. The venues were at capacity every night when we played so we got some awesome exposure out of it.


How did you guys come about as a band?


Mattie: Started as a solo thing. Then everyone else joined over the last couple of years through friendship and alcohol.


Were you ever skeptical of the reception you’d get for writing songs with such strong political messages behind them? That it might restrict certain platforms from sharing and promoting your music?


Mattie: I definitely thought about it but it was never going to alter our way of thinking, it’s the whole reason we started the band. You’ve just got to be honest and hope people get behind it.


Saying that, how does it feel to have the support from the likes of BBC Radio one then?


Mattie: Huge. We owe so much to the BBC and then continuing support has driven us forward massively over the last couple of years.


In terms of the message it holds and issue it may address, which track has been a personal favourite for you to write and play live? 


Mattie: Birth Certificate has morphed over the last couple of years and has been relevant to several different situations, that’s been an interesting process to observe. Quite often now live our fans hold up EU flags when we play it which is particularly poignant.


You’ve been all over the place this year, playing the likes of Japan, Belgium, Norway and a whole load of UK festivals – what’s been the biggest highlight?


Mattie: Japan was quite simply mind-blowing, we also had an amazing response at Truck Festival and Y-Not this year as well.


You’ve announced your debut album DUMB BLOOD coming out as of February next year. What can you tell us about it? 


Mattie: It was recorded bit by bit which as far as I’m aware is an unusual process, it was a good system for us though as we’ve been able to evolve it into something we’re completely happy with since we started the sessions way back in 2014. The name is a comment on our silent generation and the sleeping giant that is people power that could truly change / save the world.


Do you feel any greater or less pressure now that you have an album recorded and set for release? 


Mattie: It’s a relief to be honest. We’re excited to finally give people something to look forward to and we can’t wait to share our baby with the world.


What artists would you say you take influence from when writing? And any dream collaborations?


Mattie: It’s an amalgamation of many things, no-one in particular. That said, I would love to collaborate with Neil Young, mainly so I could hear his stories.


And lastly, what would you say have been your top five releases of 2016?


The Lemon Twigs – Do Hollywood

Frank Ocean – Blonde

Slaves – Take Control

Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool


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