Glasgow rockers, Sweaty Palms have kicked a fuss these past few years. At first, withstanding two names as their moniker The Sweats, the quartet are easily one of the finest upcoming acts. A brand of punk-eqsue, garage tunes pit them with a distinct sound, one you really need to hear for yourself.

Read below as we talk Electric Fields, a band baby and going back in time with Sweaty Palms.

So we’re at Electric Fields, have you guys been before?
Ronan: No it’s the first time!
What are the thoughts so far on it?
Rachel: Better than T in The Park!
Ronan: Yeah it’s great
How did your set go yesterday?
Ronan: It was good, really enjoyed it! There are sofas right in front of the stage which was a bit strange
There were sofas in the tent?
Ronan: Yeah and I quite liked having kids running about as well, they weren’t phased or scared even a little bit. It was good!
Rachel: Yeah it was a nice crowd, didn’t really notice many people actually sitting on the sofas. There was this two year old girl as well just having the time of her life – she was my highlight!
Ronan: They’re the best crowds though like kids are going to be honest – if they don’t like they’re just going to walk away!
Rachel: Ha! She looked like she was having fun
So what acts have you guys seen so far, anyone you’re still looking out for? 
 Ronan: Caught a bit of The Ninth Wave today who were very good
Rachel: Yeah and Public Service Broadcasting! I think we’re still wanting to catch West Princes 
Ronan: Yeah they’re on in half an hour and are brilliant! 
Good line up planned then! So you’ve been pretty busy this summer with playing the likes of T in The Park, a couple UK shows and being on tour with Dale Barclay and Abjects. Have there been any stand out moments for you guys? 
Ronan: Stag and Dagger and the tour just in general were both amazing! That was the first proper tour that we’ve done so it was a big eye opener for us. As well as some smaller sort of all day festivals we’ve been playing, ones which avoid T in The Park sort of vibes and are more laid back and go all day. Everyone just gets into it a bit more.
You guys don’t exactly fit into one particular genre when it comes to your sound, from punchy rock to garage and everything in between. By how would you guys best describe it? 
Rachel: What do you think Robbie?
Robbie: Difficult
Rachel: Just like him…ha!
Ha! So before being known as the Sweaty Palms you were just the sweats, how did you choose between the two names? 
Ronan: Tossed a coin I think 
Rachel: there’s been a lot of different opinions on it, I’ve spoken to people who other really like one or the other! So I kinda like how it’s got two names, people can just choose
Ronan: kinda thought if we went with sweaty palms everyone would eventually just shorten it to The Sweats I guess  
Rachael: Yeah, and I sometimes just say “The Sweaties” so people can call it what they want 
You’ve mentioned before when picking the name someone said to you guys that they worried it “wouldn’t fit the sound in five years”. Do you ever see yourself going in a different direction? 
Ronan: Hopefully
Rachael: Absolutely! 
Ronan: I would be disappointed in myself if in five years time we were still doing the same thing – if we’re still together that is!
So Tenement Trail is coming up, looking forward to playing? 
Ronan: We don’t really know too much about it so haven’t got much to grasp onto – but once we know a bit more I suppose so yeah! 
We went last year and it was really good! Do you have any idea on the line up for this year, anyone that’s caught your eye in hopefully catching a set from? 
Ronan: The Ninth Wave
Robbie: Belly Buttons also!
Ronan: And I think Breakfast Muff – probably one of the most important bands in Glasgow so they should be good!
You recently released a video for Love Me – how did the idea for it come about and how was it to film?
Ronan: It was fun to film!
Rachel: We just had loads of different ideas on the day  – I wasn’t there but I got told!
Ronan: We all kind of improvised, like comedy improv where lots of stuff we did with props was literally just “alright go”
Robbie: I mean we had the space and the furniture 
Rachel: The main thing was the selfie stick though 
Robbie: Yeah it was all about narcissism and social media etc – I don’t really know if that’s portrayed but it’s what we were going for! Might just look like us being dicks but ah well hoping for the best
Rachel: A bit of a riot really
So how do actually writing your tracks come about? Is there usually a particular way or does it just happen?
Ronan: We have a rehearsal space and just get in the room as much as possible and see what happens really – not a lot too it!
In an interview with The Skinny you said “the more gigs you do in Glasgow, the smaller the city becomes”. What are your thoughts on the Scottish music scene as a whole then?
Ronan: It is great, there’s plenty to do! We didn’t know how good we had it until we did that tour earlier this year and just going to other cities made us realise how much Glasgow has to offer. You can see something every night of the week, good or bad there’s always something
So what’s up next for you guys?
Ronan: A baby
Rachel: Yeah I’m pregnant with an ice cream baby
Ronan: So we’re hoping to raise a musical prodigy, just putting all our energy into this child
Rachel: Yeah just bring it in, it’ll be nourished by all of us and I’m not going to be doing much – it’ll have to be a group effort
Ronan: Also hoping to generate enough money as a band to start some drug habits
Just the standard then
Rachel: Just your standard rock and roll life style
Ronan: With some super model girlfriends
Rachel: And then in rehab
Ronan: Just pretty much every bands goal
Ha! So lastly, we thought we’d finish on a game of Would You Rather. First off, would you rather have T-Rex arms or a giraffe sized neck?
Everyone: Giraffe sized neck!
Ronan: You could be proper nosy
Robbie: And always one up someone just like “oh aye pal”
Ronan: Think of the tongue as well – you could lick your windows clean
Would you rather have a time machine that went backwards or forwards in time and what would you do?
Rachel: Backwards and I’d just change everything! Or go back to nights out where you’ve been a right c*nt to people and change how you acted and everyone would just think you’re really nice
Robbie: I’d go back when there were no iPhones
Rachel: Yeah before facebook and everything, just see how everyone communicated
Ronan: It’d be nice to have a catch up with Jesus
Just see what that was all about!
Ronan: Yeah just see what his vibe was
Lastly, would you rather play a gig naked or walk through your old school naked?
Ronan: We’ve already done the gig one
Rachel: The gig one would be fun
Ronan: Yeah the school one would be a bit illegal
Rachel: Gig it is!

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