Glorifying electronica, London duo Nimmo will get your hips going. Huge hit Dilute This sees to their hypnotic pop daze, building on slow synths to bring a brilliantly bold chorus to surface; whereas recent outfit, My Only Friend gives an honest tune a fickle edge. Stepping into different dimensions, Nimmo have that spice.

Read below as we talk Scottish chants, surviving tour and emoji’s.

So this is the first night on tour supporting LANY, how are you feeling?

Sarah: In terms of the whole tour, I think we’re actually really excited for the London show

Reva: Yeah we’re playing at a venue called HEAVEN

Sarah: I reckon it’s quite silly to say that that show is what we’re most excited for because we’re from there and it should probably be somewhere new – but it’s home!

You played in Glasgow last year around October time for Tenement Trail and earlier this year at the O2 Academy while supporting Years&Years and now you’re back. What are your thoughts on Scottish crowds then?

Sarah: Amazing!

Reva: We have the most fun here, love it!

Sarah: Glasgow is probably the only place in the UK – other than London – I feel like I could actually live in, even the gigs feel the same to London ones! I love the vibe

Have you heard the Scottish chant yet? Here we, here we…

Sarah: No not yet! Do you think it’ll happen tonight?

Reva: Can you guys start it off?

No bother, will just creep up behind everyone whispering it and get the word out no problem

Sarah: Ha! Great idea

Reva: Should we try? Actually no it’s too embarrassing to start your own chant…

So do you guys have any pre-show rituals at all?

Sarah: Kind of, we always try and put on our Spotify playlist – called THURST (listen here) – which we put out each Thursday in time for the weekend! Just try and get in the zone with that

Reva: Yeah we have a doc and just blast loads of tunes out of that usually. Not do the quiet nervous thing but just try and vamp ourselves up and get into the music so we’re heading onto stage with a confident mind set

Sarah: We do our vocal warm ups as well. Just keep it very professional

Reva: Ha!

Any top tips on surviving tour? 

Reva: A pillow from home!

Sarah: Yes! That is a make or break situation

Reva: And it smells like home, which sounds really weird but helps put off feeling home sick you know?

Sarah: Also try not to drink every single day, have lots of water and just ease your way in

Reva: Yeah ease yourself into it

Sarah: It’s when you start drinking every single day that you sort of begin to lose your mind

Reva: And your voice…

Sarah: True! But I’d say main survival tip is the pillow thing

So festival season is coming to an end and you guys have been pretty busy, any stand out highlights?

Sarah: Secret Garden Party was probably one of the best times!

Reva: We’ve going there for years as well, we’ve been like six times

Sarah: So getting to play a pretty big stage was surreal and the crowd was so much fun

What was it like going from fan to performer at the festival?

Sarah: It’s just better really ha!

Reva: Yeah it’s good! A much nicer area to camp

Sarah: But you’re still able to get down and dirty – so best of both worlds really!

We saw that you tweeted “cycling down to the studio to listen to the album” – what kind of things can fans be expecting?

Sarah: It’s very in line with what we do live, so the whole album is based around what we do in our live show rather than the other way around. I know lots of people do it the other way but it just sort of works for us! It’s quite an emotional, heart felt album – there are a lot of songs about coming into your mid twenties and having that kind of fear as well as some heart break tracks and not being able to pay rent ha! There’s even one about the fear of your parents dying – so it covers a wide balance of fears and emotions we’ve gone through in our lives. It sounds like five people making music that just really makes you want to dance and feel something – at least I hope it does!

So putting the album aside and going back to the start for a bit, what made you first get into music and come together to do so?

Reva: Well we’ve known each other since we were about ten or eleven, so a long time ago!

Sarah: And we did click pretty much straight away

Reva: Yeah and just loved listening to music. Growing up in London there was this garage scene at the time so we started off just making this sort of obscure grime sounding music I guess

Sarah: Then we got into guitars and like The Strokes and The Smiths

Reva: The Libertines sort of era, a bit indie almost. And we tried that too so we’ve sort just been going through it all by growing up together. And then going onto dance music and clubbing we got onto that kind of vibe. So the sound we have now has evolved from just that I guess

Sarah: It’s kind of hard to explain to people because we don’t make dance music, it’s more the feelings we have that come out when playing together

Reva: Yeah exactly!

Where about did the name come from?

Sarah: It’s actually my surname!

Reva: Yeah and we used to be called Nimmo and the Gauntletts – Gauntletts being my last name

Sarah: But it wasn’t really falling in line with the music we were starting to make anymore and we’d made that name up when we were like fifteen. So for our first album we sorted of wanted to draw line under that and just abbreviate it basically. So it’s not really anything to do with me ha! But it felt wrong to change the name completely

So you’re latest track My Only Friend has created quite a bit of hype for you guys – with Radio 1 supporting it etc. – can you go back a bit for us and explain how the song came about? The whole recording process and the meaning behind the track itself really. 

Sarah: So the song is basically about stepping out of a bad situation and into something fresh and exciting. But then I guess in terms of relationships it’s sort of like going through this horrendous break up with someone and in the moment you meet someone new and then forget about all the sh*t relationships bring into your life. Just like “oh yeah let’s just go all over again – this is great!” ha!

Reva: So it’s sort of like that weird dichotomy between breaking up and finding someone new! It was a bit weird recording it cause we were all still in like jobs and at uni

Sarah: Yeah and we sort of did it in two parts. We recorded a bit then moved on and came back to it and worked on the production about a year later

Reva: We were in uni and had jobs so there was a time we could only put in a couple of hours during the week because we were all so busy with other commitments

Sarah: It was a bit like a demo, and from that we built it up like when we were doing the album we knew there were bits we could make a bit bigger and added to it. Rather than thinking we didn’t know what to do, we just made it better and bigger you know?

Yeah! Lastly, if you guys could be an emoji, what emoji would you each be?

Sarah: Oh I know what one Reva is

Reva: What the one that actually looks like me? Or the other one

Sarah: The other one! And I’m the baby one

Reva: Yeah you’re the baby with the little bit of hair ha!

Sarah: And the one where it’s like the face winking with the tongue out – that’s Reva! Like whenever someone goes “Reva hey I’m taking a photo of you” that is her go to expression

Reva: I always do it! Although another friend of mine said recently that I was this one and could not stop laughing – I was tagged in a photo – wait I’ll show you

Sarah: It does look like you!

It even has the glasses!

Reva: I know! The hair, skin and everything just works

Sarah: And then I’m the baby

Reva: But they don’t have ginger hair so you’ll have to settle with blonde

Yeah that works!

Sarah: Ha thanks guys

Reva: That’s our next album work sorted

Sarah Yes!

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