Hailing from The North East of England, Marsicans are just warming up with an upcoming mass date tour this Autumn.

With their infectious, upbeat, indie tunes, they were the band on everyone’s lips at 110 Above. Despite their set coinciding with an absolute downpour, nothing deterred their adoring fans as they partied in the rain.

Read below as we discuss fan-girling, gondola rides at Leeds fest and moon landings.

Photo by Douglas Hill.

So how are you finding 110 Above so far?

James: It’s a weird one because we did it last year and it’s a totally different layout this year and I don’t recognise it at all!

Oli: It’s like a completely different festival. We turned up this morning thinking we’d know exactly where to go…but we had no idea

James: It was out on the fields, but I think they moved it here in case there was bad weather. But when we were playing we thought everyone would be cowering at the back by the bar where there’s shelter but everyone was in the middle enjoying themselves!

Rob: I’m a miserable person right, like through and through to by bones. To my very core, I’m miserable and if it was raining like it was when we were playing and I was in that audience I’d have gone home and I would have cried. So props to everyone who actually stayed and engaged and were a really good audience!

Have you managed to catch any sets, is there anyone you’re wanting to see later?

James: Just caught Kyko who we know and is a very nice man and was very good

Oli: Very good

James: Then quite a few bands today actually – quite a few good bands that we’ve either known over the years or have just met

Oli: This is the coolest thing about festivals is that, bands you want to be friends with you can kinda get in there and try and be friends. Or bands that you are friends with you get to see anyway – so it’s all just about a big meet and greet

Cale: You said about Get Inuit from yesterday – those guys are from Kent so we would never just see them unless we were playing a show together or festivals. So festivals are just great. We’re from Leeds and a lot of bands are London centred so we don’t tend to bump into people but at festivals it’s just like, “Alright mate, how’s it going?”

James: It’s like being a fan of the band except you’re being granted access to backstage

Rob: That’s the position we’re in because we are total fan girls of people

James: Yeah we don’t hide it if we like a band, we’re like “Oh my God I love you guys”

Rob: Or we get thrust into these positions where they’re all super cool and we’re having a conversation with them and we’re like “I love your music! I like your hair!” So you know, maybe we’re not built for this

What would you say is the song that gets the best reception when you play it live?

Cale: Today, Arms of Another went down well and Swimming went very well. Absence went down really well as well

James: Yeah it changes at a lot of gigs. I think we played London last week and in Friends a mosh pit started

Oli: It’s a weird one, I guess it depends on when you release it so the most recent single always gets quite a good reaction and the last song of the set always gets a good reaction.

James: Today was the first time we announced Too Good and it got a cheer because people actually know it

Oli: It’s the first time we played it so it was the first time people were like, “Oh I know this song” which is good

Cale: Swimming always goes down really well because it’s a very accessible song

James: Yeah and it’s pretty near the end of the set

Oli: It’s pretty easy to just get into it, even if you don’t know the band because we’re terrible at writing music and it’s just really simple and Absence is always good, that goes down well doesn’t it?

James: Yeah, those two probably

What would you say is the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a festival?

Cale: Have seen at a festival?

Oli: When we were younger, one of our best friends turned up as a surprise and he was wearing a gimp suit and it was boiling hot weather and he was in this leather gimp suit and just walked round next to us and embarrassed us the whole time

Cale: Leeds festival, 2012 it rained really really heavily and at the festival site in the camping bit there’s a valley and it flooded and there was probably 10ft of water and these guys were offering gondola rides using tent poles and air beds as their vessel and they were like £5 for a gondola ride across the thing. Honestly it was the most quintessentially British thing I’ve ever seen in my life. They were like this is seriously shit but we are making the most of it and we’re trying to make money from it and that was the best thing about it

James: It’s like Rob

Rob: It wasn’t the weirdest thing; it was just weird. So I was at Glasto last year and it was proper muddy, people were getting stuck, so I helped a guy out of the mud, like helped him get out of his wellies and he said, “Oh thank you so much, do you want some ket?” And I said

Oli: Oh, no thank you – I’m alright thanks! I was just helping you out

Cale: That is kinda weird

James: I mean at least he offered you some deal

Oli: I mean drugs a reasonably expensive commodity as well, especially at festival when you can’t go and ring your usual dealer

James: I’m not really sure what ket does to you actually

Cale: It’s tranquilising horses so…

Rob: Anyway, shall we move on from ket?

So what would you say is your top tip for surviving a festival?

Oli: Wellies!

Cale: Plastic bags on feet, plastic bags, plastic bags!

Rob: Bring wellies, bring ponchos, portable mobile phone charger

Cale: Plastic bags

James: I say persistence

Rob: Also, I say a right attitude because you can be totally well prepared but if you get piss wet through and you’re in a miserable mood, like me the miserable one it ruins your life. Whereas if you’ve got that resilient attitude like the gentlemen who were offering rides on air beds then you’ve got to have the right attitude.

Cale: Plastic bags!

Oli: I feel that’s the be all and end all

James: You’ve got to embrace it

Cale: If you put plastic bags over your socks then put your shoes on, you’re sorted for the whole thing

So for the last part of the interview would you like to play a round of who’s most likely to?

Rob: Yeah!

James: Yeah that sounds fun

Ok so who’s most likely to be a terrible influence?

James: Me?

Oli: James!

James: I’d say me, but then after I’ve been the bad influence Cale would be the one to want to carry it on. I kinda know when to call it after being a bad influence

Cale: You’re the first to go though. You’re the instigator

James: Yes but you’re the one there at 7 in the morning still going

Oli: Cale just comes alive at 2 a.m.

Cale: That’s my happy hour, at 2 a.m. to 5 a.m.

James: You’ll probably hear him at 4 in the morning listening to Slipknot drum – like the drum solo – this is Cale!

Oli: Probably making ravioli as well. Somehow he’s got a camping stove and all the ingredients you need to make ravioli. If you’re an outsider you’re just like, “What the fuck is this doing?” But if you’re in the band, you don’t question it

Cale: A mixture of me and James

Who is most likely to go to a foreign country to “find themselves”?

James: Ha ha Oli! I’d say Oli

Rob: Being the ex-arts student yeah!

Oli: Do you know any countries I could go to?

Bali’s a good one to go to

Cale: I was literally about to say Bali – everyone’s going to Bali right now!

James: I think Oli wants to do a George Harrison

Rob: He’s obsessed with George Harrison going to India and all that

James: Understandably – he’s the coolsest of the cool but yeah

Rob: We’ll go with Oli

Who is most likely to do anything for £5?

R/O/J: Cale!

James: 100% Cale

Cale: If any money’s involved

Oli: The tightest man

James: Even if Cale had a million pounds in his bank and you said, “Down that for a fiver” he’d be like yeah cool it’s a fiver

Rob: He’s tight for a Yorkshire man which is hard to do

James: Ha yeah Yorkshire men are tight, but Cale is something else

Who is most likely to think that Tupac is still alive?

Oli: I think Cale because he spends a lot of his time on YouTube late at night watching conspiracy videos so I think Cale on that one

Cale: Well someone saw a shadow of Tupac in Los Angeles the other day so obviously he’s alive still

Oli: His bandana was found the other week in Darlington

James: He’d put in laundry

Cale: Darlington of all places, Darlington!

Oli: Some North Eastern lad, “Here’s Tupac’s bandana! I found it!”

What’s the craziest conspiracy theory you’ve heard?

Cale: Well there’s a lot of alien stuff, like Area 51 shit that goes down

James: No moon landing stuff is allowed though. No moon landing conspiracy theories are allowed

Oh that definitely happened

James: Exactly, so if anyone tries to tell us that

Rob: These guys are all like proper physics nerds

Cale: Yeah us two

Rob: Like Brian Cox fans and that

James: Yeah but everyone’s like, “Oh if they did actually land on the moon…” Well yes they did! Anyway, let’s move on before I get annoyed at myself ha ha

Interview by Sacha Patston.

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