Following a sold-out acoustic tour and festival appearances, X Factor’s Lucy Spraggan is going viral. Tackling situations such as mental health, her poetic music is heart warming and inspiring. Recent release, Dear You, is a perfect example of that.

Read below as we talk Belladrum, summer listens and what’s next with Lucy Spraggan.

It’s the last night of Belladrum and you just came off stage, how was it?

Lucy: It was amazing! It definitley makes one of my top festival highlights for the summer – along with Y Not Festival – I mean I think Belladrum just beat them but don’t tell anyone ha! It was just insane

Have you played Belladrum before?

Lucy: Yeah I played about three years ago! They’d actually already booked all the acts they were going to book and it was already sold out once they’d booked me this year, just because people kept asking on Facebook if I was coming back! So big shout out for whoever did that!

How would you say the two sets compare?

Lucy: Well the last time it was like super busy and amazing and this time it was really different! Just in that I’ve been doing a lot more festivals so I felt a lot more confident! It’s just amazing each time really

Scottish crowds are always a bit rowdy and up for a good time!

Lucy: Exactly! They’re always chanting and just up for it! Loud when they need to be loud and quiet when they need to be quiet – it’s what I love about playing in Scotland!

So you’ve been pretty busy this festival season, any stand out highlights so far?

Lucy: Belladrum defintley! And like I said before, Y Not Festival was amazing! I played a pretty similar tent to here as well. I really did love the drive up here also, I had a show in Brighton yesterday so it was about a 10 hour journey – and it was long, but the view was nice!

A 10 hour drive? That is dedication!

Lucy: Anything for Scotland ha! I mean it’s just been great – besides the rain, but I do have wellies so…

What would you say has been the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a festival?

Lucy: Well we have blacked out windows on the van, so I’ve seen a lot of people come and have a wee next to it! And we just wait until they’re about mid-flow and then just shout from the van! They run off pretty traumatised ha! So yeah that’s what we’ve seen.

So summer’s almost over, who have you been listening to these past few months?

Lucy: At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff on the radio, just because of the amount time I’m traveling in the van! Also a lot of country music, like old, old country music! I also have to say I’m really loving Bieber at the moment – I’m a big Bieber fan! Drake as well actually – so just a bit of everything I guess!

Drake and Bieber are pretty much everywhere at the moment!

Lucy: Yeah they’re owning it – love those two!

Lastly, what can fans be keeping an eye out for next?

Lucy: I’m doing the tiniest tour ever in the highlands of like 80 capacity venues! I just wanted to start doing some more writing about traveling so I’m getting back out on the road! I think smaller, more intimate shows will be lovely as well – something a bit different! A bigger tour may or may not be announced for March as well – but ssh!

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