Lucky for us, Little India have made the leap across the pond to move to the UK.

Experimenting with electronic jingles intertwined with buoyant guitar riffs in their latest EP, The Hunt this transgressive band will have you up and dancing or feeling chilled out with their stripped back acoustic numbers.

We caught up with the genial Little India to chat all things festival.

Photo by Dougy Hill.

So you guys are from Canada?

Conan: Yeah but we live in London at the moment but we are from Canada. We’ve been living in London for the last 7 months

How are you finding 110 so far?

Conan: So far so good, the people in the crowd are awesome, we didn’t know what to expect from 110 Above, we thought it would just be tents and playing to people in the rain and stuff like that so this is much cooler than I expected

Andrew: I like how small it is though, it keeps everybody together

Tim: It’s nice and intimate

Conan: And everybody’s so receptive to music they don’t know which is also really nice

Have you many to catch any other bands or is there anyone you want to see later?

Andrew: We saw Marsicans they’re really good – they’re awesome

Conan: There was also Ben Francis Leftwich

Tim: Little Comets would have been awesome but we missed them, it was nostalgic I wanted to see them!

What song would you say gets the best reception when you play it live?

Dallyn: It’s tough because people eventually warm up kind of thing

Andrew: People were really enjoying Dancer I saw people joining in and singing

Conan: When it’s live it’s way more magical, it’s still nice on a recording but there’s something about live music that people just really get into it

Tim: I would say Sleep is the most well received because it’s a slowed down song but people can still kinda groove – we bring it up then drop it back down

What would you say is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a festival?

Andrew: Oh I know off the top of my head!

Conan: Do it!

Andrew: Ok so we were at Sasquatch! Festival in 2013 which is in Washington. It’s the best view you’ll ever see in your life it’s a natural amphitheatre in this valley. So we had just watched Holy Ghost! and we were walking over the hill and we saw Killer Mike as he was playing on stage and he had the entire crowd with their middle fingers up going “Eff Ronald Reagan” and I just thought “Oh my God, what is going on”

Tim: And then we joined ha ha

Andrew: No no no but we were watching that and right beside us are these two guys on something, or multiple things and were just thrashing around. That was the first proper festival I’d ever been to and to me that was the moment

Conan: And at the camping site there was the same thing. There were these people running around shouting “Take it off! Take it off!” Or “Show us your butt!” And people would just pull down their pants and keep walking around. That was good

Andrew: That’s why festivals are great. People just become completely different people

What would you say is your top tip to surviving festival season?

Tim: Beer

Dallyn: Beer

Andrew: Beer! Rain jacket, some rain ponchos

Conan: The more drunk you are, the easier it is to battle all of the elements

So for the last part of the interview would you like to play a round of Who’s Most Likely To?

Tim: Yes!

Andrew: Let’s make it into a drinking game

Conan: Yeah! Why not?

Tim: So if you get chosen you have to drink

Dallyn: Easy

Who is most likely to be a terrible influence?

Dallyn: Tim!

Tim: Yeah but in what context? I will drink though

Conan: I feel like if Tim does something when most people are like “Ah ok then I can do that”

Andrew: Yeah that’s true

Tim: Oh thanks guys so I’m like a role model?

Conan: Yeah ha ha just a really bad one

Tim: Awesome

Who is the most likely to go to a foreign country to “find themselves”?

Dallyn: Me?

Tim: You did didn’t you? You went to Australia

Andrew: I guess we all did didn’t we?

Conan: Did you find yourself?

Dallyn: I did find myself

Tim: We found him too

Who is most likely to do anything for £5?

Andrew: All of us!

Tim: At this point, all of us I guess. Let’s think back to before we were poor, who would do something for cash? I feel like I probably wouldn’t

Andrew: You wouldn’t?

Conan: Andrew!

Andrew: Me?

Conan: Yeah! Because remember we were playing beer pong that one time and there was something on the table, I can’t remember what it was

Dallyn: I think it was a penny

Conan: Yeah Andrew’s the one! There was something gross on the table there was like 5 bucks if you sink the shot and someone sank it so you had to eat it. I have a video of it on my phone

Andrew: That’s fair, I’ll take that, let me just drink. If you have a dare and you’ve got cash, then I’ll do it

Who is most likely to think that Tupac is still alive?

Andrew: Like in conspiracy way or an in an idiot kinda way?

Conan: Well there is an island that all people who are dying are going to

Andrew: Apparently he’s still alive

Conan: The 27 club are on the island. Donald has a Tupac shirt so I’m gonna say Donald. He was wearing it yesterday too

Finally who is most likely to find any excuse to take their shirt off?

Dallyn: Tim!

Conan: Tim

Andrew: Only because he did at the first he ever show he played with us!

Dallyn: Ha ha ha that’s true!

Tim: It was humiliating

Andrew: We had some of our friends in the crowd and stuff and they were like, “Take off your shirt! Take off your shirt!” And with no hesitation takes his shirt off

Tim: I’d never even performed in front of anybody before and there were a couple a hundred people and I just hear, “Take off your shirt!” And I’m just like, “….Ok!” Is this what I’m supposed to do up here?

Conan: It was even better because it was our intimate song with the piano and Tim takes off his shirt right before that. He wasn’t even playing he was just stood there and I was playing piano and I was just looking at him

Andrew: It was on film too wasn’t it?

Conan: Yeah we do have that

Andrew: We have some funny moments

Tim: Oh my god, like a blooper reel one day and it will all be me fucking up, seriously

Interview by Sacha Patston.

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