In just two years, LANY have become the band everyone needs and wants to know. Cravings of their smooth electro-pop spells snuck into the world as fans grew to recognise the trio – composed of Paul, Les and Jake.  

They soundtrack nights alone, or nights that reduce to unknown endeavors; that mid-relationship panic or that feeling of lust; LANY are the best kept secret.

Read below as we catch up on tour, #1 artists and New York or Los Angeles.

So you guys have just kicked off a huge headline tour, including your first ever UK festival at Reading and Leeds – how was that for you guys?

Paul: Really good!

Les: Yeah that festival was a lot of fun

Did it meet your expectations?

Paul: We didn’t really have any expectations to be honest, but I guess we’ve played like 10 or so festivals this summer so we do have an idea as to what they’re going to be like by now

Jake: The crowd was really enthusiastic though

Paul: Yeah still loads of fun

So this tour is bringing you to a whole range of places, anywhere you’re particularly excited for?

Paul: Paris

Jake: And Amsterdam!

Paul: These are places we’ve never really been so it’s exciting to see it all for the first time

Must be so good to have the first time going being to play a gig, knowing your music is reaching people in places you’ve never even been to before!

Paul: Oh yeah it’s crazy!

So last time we interviewed you guys it was just before you’re Hydro show supporting Ellie Goulding (read here) earlier in March. You mentioned how it was odd playing in arenas so early on as there isn’t much of a crowd, how does this compare to now coming back and headlining your own show in the city?

Paul: I mean hopefully it’ll be amazing! I don’t really know what kind of crowd we’ll be expecting today but I think it should be pretty awesome. At least the people who are going to be there are there to actually see us

Jake: Small intimate club shows are always really nice as well

Paul: Just have to wait and see for tonight!

2016 has involved a lot of touring for you guys, when was the last time you spent a Friday night with wine and the internet? 

Paul: Ha! We were home for about a month and a half in between tours so somewhere in amongst there for sure!

Earlier this year you guys were crowned the #1 spot on Spotify Discover. First off that’s insane, how was that to take in?

Paul: Pretty amazing to have that support

Les: Really cool

Who would you guys say is your #1 artist at the moment? Anyone you’ve always got on while travelling or on the tour bus?

Paul: We’ve mostly just been working and maybe sleeping a little here and there, so I’m not entirely sure… Actually I love this kid called Matt DiMona, he remixed one of our songs called Bad, Bad, Bad recently and I really like it! I’ve actually been talking about him loads recently in interviews ha – everyone should check him out!

Jake: This band Phoenix are also really good. We’ve always got them playing and ready to go

We saw that you guys posted a photo on Twitter captioned “The boys are back in town”. Does this mean there’s new material on the way?

Paul: Definitely!

Les: Yeah of course

Paul: We’re working towards our debut record, will probably be doing some stuff on it back here on the tour bus as well. Pretty exciting!

So you’ve released quite a few EPs, but which one do you personally think defines the band?

Paul: They all play a pretty big part in doing that I’d say. Each meaning something different, but still defining us as a band it’s always just been us

Les: It’s hard to choose though!

What’s the current favourite to play live? Last time we spoke it was 4EVER, is this still the case?

Jake: Right now I really love playing WTHAMF, it’s a fun one on the drums!

Paul: Still love 4EVER but Current Location has been good to try out in rehearsals actually, so I’m looking forward to see how that one turns out!

We know you guys are all about visuals, so if you were to look at a blank canvas and draw something to embody your current vision of LANY, what would it be?

Paul: Oh god

A wine emoji maybe?

Jake: Ha! Or I’d maybe just paint a heart

Always showing the love

Jake: Exactly

Les: I’d go with that probably

Paul: Yeah same. Or maybe a whole load of different colours just blended together, see what happens!

And lastly, LANY comes from the combination of putting LA (Los Angeles) and NY (New York) together. But if you could only choose one, which would come out on top?

Paul: LA for sure

Les: Yeah definitely!

Paul: The weather is a lot better in LA

Jake: My wife also lives there, I suppose that plays a pretty big part! It’s where I also met her, so it’s a pretty special place actually

Paul: It’s just where we’re from and what we’re used to you know? It’s home!

Les: I mean New York is also really cool

Paul: Yeah it’s so good to be able to get everywhere and anywhere without needing a car or sit in traffic, still LA for sure though!

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