Edinburgh’s Indigo Velvet are widely known as one of the finest upcoming bands in Scotland. Selling out shows to perform colourful tracks, bursting to the brim with energy and dedication – each gig is one to remember. 

We talk T Break, getting lost in London and their upcoming headline tour with Darren, Laurie, Jason and Billy AKA Indigo Velvet.

So, we’re at Belladrum festival, is this your first time playing?

All: Yeah!

Jason: First time attending as well!

Darren: It’s really nice though, very friendly, you can see grass and that’s a good sign!

Are you looking forward to any acts?

Laurie: We’re looking forward to catch Circa Waves

Jason: We got here pretty late so we were hoping to catch Man Of Moon but we missed them which I’m gutted about

Laurie: Colonel Mustard though?

Darren: Probably missed them because they’re on now!

Jason: We can catch the end of them at least though

Earlier this Summer, you guys made the big T in the Park debut on the T Break stage, how was that?

Laurie: It amazing, probably our biggest gig and biggest festival!

Billy: It’s like a quintet tarantino film

Darren: Whatever that means!

Jason: I’ve no idea what that means, just nod your head and agree ha

It looked really packed out, I heard it was one of the biggest crowds over the weekend?

Darren: Yeah we were told it was like top 3, it was us, I think Ash and The Lapelles! But what the hell are Ash doing on the T Break Stage?

Billy: We definitely don’t take it for granted, like we did not expect that at all! Derick came to us after and said he was smoking like mad because during soundcheck there wasn’t that many people there and I don’t know if it was the rain or what not but it was unbelievable!

Laurie: Hopefully it rains today…

It’s definitely going to rain today, I can tell you that! Just yesterday you announced a huge UK tour, are you excited to head back out?

Jason: Yes definitely! We just wanna be heard, we wanna, well, we’re desperate to be heard! So we’ve took a loan and went on tour ha

Laurie: We’ve been playing up and down the UK in the past year so we’ve made a couple good friends down South 

Darren: Yeah they’ve helped us out with the English dates which is quite good! So we’re doing Leeds with Marsicans, Cassia in Manchester and both of them are coming up here too. So Cassia are doing Inverness and Glasgow with us and Marsicans are doing Edinburgh with us! 

Billy: Exclusive!

Laurie: That actually is an exclusive!

Jason: You heard it here first folks!

Obviously, we’ve been to a lot of your shows and we’ve seen some fans do stage invasions and crowd surfs, what can fans expect from your shows?

Darren: Hopefully none of that ha! 

Laurie: Good vibes!

Billy: A lot of moves, Jason what’s the one you always say you love

Jason: The hip swiggle! I would physically find it difficult for you to stand still at a show, not bob your head

Darren: And wiggle your hips…

Jason: Like Laurie said, they can expect good vibes like happy, fun, full of energy from us on stage and in the crowd so just good fun!

I was going to say tropical shirts but you’re not all wearing them today…

Darren: Excuse me, what is this?

Jason: Em me and Darren are!

Billy: Hey, I’ve got a wild beast on!

Laurie: I didn’t wanna clash my hair with my shirt so I just went with a plain shirt?

What is the weirdest thing a fan has done so far?

Jason: Oh there’s so many!

Darren: We’ve been stalked…

Jason: We won’t mention who out of the band but I think it was like one of us and our girlfriend?

Darren: Yeah we went to a bar and then to a chippy and somehow a fan just knew we were there, stars obviously just aligned!

Jason: A couple of folk have turned up like eight hours before a show and queued or even somehow got into the venue to give us banners and cute stuff

Laurie: It’s nice though, nice that they appreciate what we’re doing!

Jason: We’ve never had anything crazy though

Darren: Probably the craziest thing is people jumping on stage and thing that worries me when they do that is all of the expensive equipment that’s lying out 

Someone jumped on stage at one of your Electric Circus gigs, didn’t they?

Jason: Yeah, leads were pulled out and someone put kisses all over a set list ha

Lastly, we thought we’d do a game of Who’s Most Likely To…

Billy: I’ve seen this on the Ellen show! This is good!

Get lost on tour or show up at the wrong venue?

All: Jason!

Jason: I’ve been lost

Billy: He got lost at T

Jason: I also got lost in London, we all went on a cycle trip and I thought Billy was chasing me but I turned around and no one was there! But I used to live there so I knew where I was going so 

Billy: I got a phone call from his mum! Landline from Edinburgh phoned me and I was like “hello?” and she said “where is my son?” and I was like “I’ve no idea, we’ve been looking for him for the past two hours!”

Jason: I found my way to the venue and used their phone ha, so I’m most likely to get lost!

Survive The Hunger Games?

Darren: Probably me because I think I’m the only one that’s ever watched it

Laurie: Yeah you definitely are!

Darren: Billy hasn’t even seen The Jungle Book or The Lion King or something 

Become the next Kanye West on Twitter?

All: Definitely Darren

Darren: I’ve already started

Billy: After two drinks down, we have to deactivate Darren’s phone ha

Darren: It’s a bit mental 

Billy: Actually can we say our manager Derick? He’s got like twelve accounts, he could go viral!

Fall off stage?

Billy: I’ve fallen off once, we were in Leeds and I fell backwards! 

Darren: Happens to the best of us!

Fall asleep on the tour bus in November and wake up and go “where are we?” 

Laurie: Darren

Billy: Jason, he sleeps a lot!

Get drunk on tour and disappear?

Jason: Darren! He likes going on adventures, it’s the only time he’s willing to walk!

Darren: When we were playing a show at Tuts, everyone had left and me and Jason were left downstairs and it was snowing really badly but we were in Firewater and everyone had gone, I think we went to go to O2 but they said they were shutting and so everyone at this point had piled in so we thought there’s no point in leaving so we got a couple of jagers, a bottle of champagne, were absolutely steaming and we ended up in some chicken place 

Jason: He didn’t know what he was getting and Darren hates spicy food so I was like “excuse me can I have the most spiciest food that you have?” and gave it to him like “oh yeah this is really good” and he asked for a bottle of water and turned and his face was so red, he had his tongue like a dog as well! 

Water makes it so much worse though!

Darren: I was like I may as well put ketchup on it! Ha I think we were staying not too far and it’s literally like a fifteen minute walk but it took us three hours 

Jason: I face planted! I walked up a road to go pee, slipped and my chin like smacked the road! Then he was laughing so hard that we were both just rolling in the snow like a bunch of idiots

Darren: I think on tour, me and Jason are just gonna get dog tags to stay safe!

We’ll end it on that then guys, thanks a lot for the interview!


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