In just short of a year, they’ve blown up like a bonfire. London’s The Hunna are going far and wide with their indie-rock tunes, gracing stages with the energetic taste of tracks like We Could Be and Alive.

Today is their big day as the four piece have just released their debut album. Whether it was a stay up till midnight to stream party, or an early rise to listen, it’s no let down.

Read below as we talk the huge debut album, that infamous Scottish chant every artist grows to love and listening to Rebecca Black’s Friday for the rest of their life.

So we’re at Belladrum, have you guys ever been before or is it a first?

Ryan: It’s our first time in Inverness!

Ah okay, what are your thoughts so far then?

Ryan: The drive up here was beautiful

Dan: Yeah just amazing!

Ryan: Just a bit wet is all, but I guess that’s Scotland for us!

True! Any acts you guys are wanting to see today?

Jack: Madness!

Dan: Circa Waves as well

They clash though so it’s a bit of a toss up!

Ryan: Probably just going to party and see where the night takes us!

Dan: I think that sounds about right

You guys have been pretty busy this festival season, what do you think has been the weirdest thing you’ve seen so far?

Jack: There was a guy walking around with like blow up tentacles or something?

Ryan: Oh yeah! We saw a bunch of people dressed up as jellyfish

Jermaine: Also some guys walking around in yellow suits, pretty cool!

Dan: So nothing too out of the ordinary – yet!

Jermaine: It’s really just been us

Ryan: Yeah probably us after a set would be the weirdest thing I’ve seen…

Ha! So you’re coming back to Scotland on the upcoming tour, you sold out the previous Glasgow show and you’ve sold out the upcoming one too! Clearly Scottish fans love you guys, do you think they’re some of the best crowds?

Dan: They definitely are!

Jermaine: Yeah absolutely!

Pretty rowdy!

Dan: Here we, here we…

Ryan/Dan/Jack/Jermain: Here we f*cking go!

Ryan: Standard Scottish chant

Jack: You get such a warm welcome and it’s so nice to see everyone really getting into it! We played a show at King Tuts and the crowd was just so into the music, everyone in the room was just on the same level

Jermaine: Yeah it’s really good to see, especially when sometimes you get crowds who are a bit more reserved but whenever we come up here it’s just mental!

What are you most excited for about this upcoming tour? Any particular city or venue?

Dan: Reading and Leeds is coming up, really excited for that! As well as the album tour – should be good!

Jack: Yeah the show at the Forum especially

Ryan: That’s down in London, so will be pretty special! Excited for all of them though, Leeds just sold out the other day – looking forward to going back there cause they’re all pretty mental as well!

Dan: Glasgow has already sold out – was the first one on the tour to do so, so a lot of love for them!

Ryan: Just being able to play the album for the first time will be insane, just getting to see what the fans think really

When we last interviewed you guys, you mentioned you were off to record your debut album. Now it’s ready to be released later this month, how are you all feeling about it?

Dan: Really confident!

Ryan: Yeah quite relaxed actually

Jack: And really excited!

Ryan: Like I said, just kind of taking it day by day. Today we’re playing Belladrum for the first time which we’re excited about, the stage looks awesome and there’s a good crowd already! Then we’re off to do promo for the album, so yeah just keeping busy. I mean we’re pretty confident in our music and how it’s been received so far, so putting out the album is just really exciting

So no nerves what so ever?

Ryan: Maybe tiny little nerves…

Jermaine: Just in the back of our heads which we try not to pay attention to ha!

Ryan: I mean there’s nothing more we can do for this, we’ve done everything above and beyond work wise

Jermaine: Everyone’s been great and worked so hard, Duncan our producer as well. So just believe in it really!

Dan: We’ve given it our all! All the singles are on it and then quite a few more which will show a different side

Jack: It’ll be nice for everyone to listen to our first full album as a whole piece, not just bit by bit

How did you find recording the album? Especially with it being your first and all!

Ryan: I was actually just thinking that the other day!

Dan: Yeah it was pretty hard

Jermaine: Long hours!

Ryan: No sleep

Dan: But was fun!

Ryan: Yeah it was just like every emotion all in one room really! It’s a weird kind of world

Dan: It was one of the most unique experiences compared to everything else we’ve done

Jack: You’re pretty secluded from the world, we were just kinda wrapped up in the studio and the album

How long did it take to write the album then? 

Ryan: About two and a half weeks I think

Dan: We already had all the singles

Jermaine: And we sort of had the songs in our heads already before going in to record them, especially having just come straight off tour!

Ryan: We’ve had ideas for them for quite some time, about two years I’d say. So we wrote them quite some time ago and they’ve developed as we’ve grown as a band

Jack: Took us just under a month to get the full thing though!

So we thought we’d finish the interview off with a quick game of Would You Rather. So would you rather play a gig naked or walk through your old school naked?

Dan: Hmmm

Jermaine: Ha! Good question

Ryan: I’d rather play a gig naked I think

Dan: Really? I don’t know what I’d do

Ryan: Well if I went back to school now I wouldn’t know anyone so loads of kids would just be thinking “who the hell is this blond guy?!”

Dan: “And why is he naked?!”

Ryan: My school was catholic as well so I don’t really think it’d go down particularly well and the thing with a gig is that I could just make sure my guitar is covering everything

Jermaine: I think it’d be funny to do a gig naked

Jack: Yeah and no one would be able to see anything if I’m sat behind a drum kit

Dan: Yeah you’re pretty certain

Jermaine: The school one would be jokes!

Ryan: Especially if there were some hot teachers – like Miss Mckenzie from busted

Dan: “That’s what I go to school for!”

Ryan: Ha!

Would you rather have T-Rex arms or a giraffe like neck?

Dan: Ooooh

Jack: I’d go giraffe neck

Jermaine: Yeah same

Ryan: I think I’d go giraffe neck yeah

You’d always be that guy at a gig who always too tall and stands in front of you

Dan: I am that guy!

Ha true!

Jermaine: I think trying to get on/off/move around on stage would be so funny

Dan: No one would be able to see you!

Jack: You could also wear loads of scarves

Ryan: And T-Rex arms would just be silly

You wouldn’t be able to play pretty much any instrument

Ryan: Exactly!

Jermaine: How long is the giraffe neck though?

Dan: They’re pretty long

Jermaine: You’d have so many issues like you couldn’t even go through doors

Ryan: But you couldn’t open doors with T-Rex arms either – it just wouldn’t work!

Dan: Trying to get instruments you could actually play would be impossible

They’d have to be specially made

Jermaine: A lot of effort

Ryan: Yeah we’d go giraffe neck!

Dan: We took that question very seriously

And lastly, would you rather only be able to listen to Rebecca Black’s song Friday or Justin Bieber’s song Baby for the rest of your life? 

Dan: Wait what’s Friday?

Ryan: You don’t know that song…

Ryan/Jack/Jermaine: “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday”

Jack: I’d pick Justin Bieber any day

Dan: I still have no idea what song that is

Have you really not heard it?

Dan: I don’t think so!

Ryan: It’s so bad

Jack: Yeah I’m sticking with Bieber

Ryan: I mean I hate that Bieber song but I like Bieber now

Jermaine: I’m gonna go Rebecca Black cause you can just have a laugh with it

She also brought out that song Saturday as a follow up I think 

Ryan: Oh shit yeah!

Dan: I know what you’re talking about now! I remember you guys talking about it

Ryan: Yeah it’s not great… I’m gonna have to go with Baby

Jermaine: Did Rebecca Black not do a song with Katy Perry?

I think she was just in one of her videos

Jermaine: Oh yeah! I’m still gonna go Rebecca Black

Dan: Me too I think!

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