We caught up with Josh and Jamie, the Bristol duo going by the name of Human Bones just before they headlined their EP launch party, to chat all things North Korea, and the dark pages of Facebook.

Garage rockers, Human Bones have been making waves in the Bristol music scene and Saturday night was no exception as they hosted their EP launch with their own label, Breakfast Records. With only two members they create a huge sound that can fill any venue swapping from heavy rock instrumentals and killer guitar solos to gentle soft ooing in tracks such as “Beach”.

So how did you come up with your name, Human Bones?

Josh: It’s a literary reference

Jamie: Josh is the smart one, so go on

Josh: It’s from one of our favourite books, well we have a shared favourite book. I don’t think it’s either of our favourite book anymore ha ha

Jamie: It’s a fucking good book anyway!

Josh: Yeah! But we don’t really want to tell anyone just in case somebody guesses it and then they can get a lot of props from us!

So you don’t have a favourite human bone?

Jamie: I’m actually a member of this group of Facebook which is called Human Bones bought or sold, it’s really fucking dark!

Josh: It’s like eBay for skeletons!

Jamie: Yeah, like someone was selling a hand and part of an arm today. Also, someone was asking today for a partially dissected skull, pretty gnarly!

Josh: But this was joined recently! It was since we started Human Bones, he’s not obsessed!

Jamie: Yeah, I did it to try and promote Human Bones. “So you guys like human bones? My band is called Human Bones!”

Josh: It hasn’t worked!

Jamie: Yeah, I haven’t dared to post anything in that group because there’s some fucking weird individuals there! Most of them are French, so I don’t think they could ever get across the myth

Josh: They may like Salut-Salem!

So how did you meet and what made you want to form a band together?

Josh: We met in Brisbane! Sort of…we obviously met in Bristol but we didn’t really know each other very well and we were both going travelling in Australia so we were like “Oh we should meet up and go travelling together!” So we spent 6 weeks together in Brisbane and we were friends before that point but not great friends.

Jamie: And since then…we’ve hated each others guts!

Josh: We basically had very similar music taste

Jamie: No we don’t! Ha ha ha

Josh: Well they overlap. While we were living together in Oxford we were like, may as well start a band I guess, for a laugh.

Jamie: And Josh had only been playing drums, for like a week ha ha


Josh: Yeah for like, a year. Not very long

Jamie: And now he’s the tightest drummer I know ha ha

Josh: Well Jamie taught me pretty much everything I know about drumming so…

I was listening to your EP and it’s so good!

Josh: Oh thanks man!

Beach is my favourite I think

Jamie: Yeah that’s my neighbour’s favourite as well!

Josh: She’s a big fan! We sent her a private link to our EP because she puts up with us so much!

Jamie: She always sends me texts saying “I love this one!” while we’re practicing, she hears us through the wall. “This song reminds me of Champagne Supernova”

And how’s your EP launch gone so far this evening?

Josh: Umm we had some technical difficulties

Jamie: There were some technical issues to do with the monitors, but luckily we have an excellent sound guy and it’s all sorted out now! Slogged a fucking sick set, that was the best set I’ve seen him do. Yeah he fucked up the most I’ve ever seen him fuck up, and yeah it was just the best set I’ve ever seen him do! I think I’ve probably seen all of his sets.

Josh: Also, my girlfriend bought me a pizza so that was a high point of the evening so far

Jamie: I haven’t had dinner yet!

For people that haven’t heard your sound yet, how would you best describe it?

Josh: This one’s always really difficult! Garage rock!

Jamie: Yeah, just rock music I guess…a bit like Oasis!

Josh: Ha ha ha no! You dick she’s gonna put that in there!

Ha ha, what do you think of the Bristol music scene? Is it a good platform for emerging artists?

Jamie: Yeah it’s fucking huge! There’s so many bands I haven’t even heard of…still! And I’ve lived here my whole life. There’s a new band like every fucking week. And it’s brilliant because we set up Breakfast Records and we get emails from loads of new bands going “This is our EP, it’s not been released yet!” and we’re just like “Sick! We get to listen to this…for free!”

Josh: There’s lots of amazing artists as well! I guess it’s quite an inspiring city!

Yeah I was at The Arts House the other evening, and there were so many good bands playing downstairs for free!

Josh: Oh really? For free? Oh cool!

Jamie: Where?

Josh: The Arts house, next to Café Kino

Jamie: Oh yeah! It’s really shit PA there, but it’s really cool! I really like it there. I’m quite a big fan of venues that are downstairs

Josh: Yeah yeah, we like playing in basements and Bristol has a lot of those which is very good. It’s because of the hills, I reckon!

Jamie: Gotta dig in deep so you don’t fall down! Something like that

Josh…what!? Ha ha ha

Jamie: I don’t know man

You’ve been playing a lot of shows around Bristol, have you got any plans to start touring?

Jamie: Yeah, we’ve basically got a tour booked now haven’t we?

Josh: Yeah, more or less

Jamie: I don’t think we can announce the dates officially yet but we’ve got some very exciting venues lined up

Josh: We’ve got London, Stockholm…yeah! Bristol more obviously!

Jamie: Oxford, which is good

Josh: I think our big plan one day is to tour Korea, North Korea

Jamie: Yeah that would be great!

Josh: We’ve got big Korea plans

Why North Korea!?

Josh: Just because I don’t think they have very much rock music over there and I wanna bring it to the people!

Jamie: I always think, “Does that country have rock music?” And then you google it and it’s like even if there’s some communistic dictator, there’s always some rock band which is fucking cool man.

Josh: There’s also loads of really cool Cuban rock bands

Human or Cuban?

Josh and Jamie: Cuban!

Jamie: Ha ha that’s an interesting cross over maybe! Cuban Bones! (Sings Cuban music) I quite like the sound of that! Yeah I take the Korea thing back, I want to tour Cuba as Cuban Bones!

I also love your “super high-budget” music video for Salut-Salem

Josh: Oh thanks very much!

What made you come up with that idea?

Josh: I had lots of ideas but basically Spike Jonze had done them already so uhh..and we had no money ha ha…so yeah we decided to pay tribute to YouTube so I made the quintessential YouTube video if that makes sense?

Jamie: Yeah it makes sense man! We don’t have any money because we’d just bought a load of t-shirts and we were gonna make some sweet profit off them all and make about £15 off them all but we’ve just given 3 away to our girlfriends.

Josh: 3 t-shirts, not £3! We don’t have 3 girlfriends…this is very confusing isn’t it!

Jamie: Let’s stop here ha ha

Josh: Nah you can carry on!

Ha ha I’m almost done! So is Breakfast Records your label?

Josh: It’s us and Dan, with our mate called Dan!

Ok so for the last part of the interview we’re going to have a round of Who’s most likely to

Jamie: Who’s most likely to what?

End up in a karaoke bar?

Josh: Oh we both love karaoke!

Jamie: Oh fuck, that’s a hard one! Probably Josh!

Josh: Really?

Jamie: I don’t know though, because if we were sober it would be me, but if we were pissed it would be you!

Josh: I did Dancing In the Dark by Bruce Springsteen at a karaoke bar…no it wasn’t even a karaoke bar it was a nightclub in Auckland a few months ago, and that was great fun. Yeah I got on stage and realized I couldn’t remember the melody at all…so it wasn’t pretty haha

Jamie: Just rap it

Josh: It was about 5 a.m.

Jamie: I reckon we should do our whole set just as karaoke, it’s just me and you

Josh: Yeah? Just doing our own songs? Live with instruments ha ha…yeah let’s do that in an hour or so!

Who’s most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Jamie: That’s me, straight up! Definitely me! I am the most organised person you’ve met! I live in a basement so I’m set basically! I have a lot of canned food

Josh: The basement is on the ground floor and has big glass windows

Jamie: It’s a basement as my house is on a hill

Josh: Jamie is too sentimental

Jamie: What?

Josh: You’d slow down for your friends or whatever. Not me, I’d be all out for myself

And finally who is most likely to get married on a night out in Vegas?

Jamie: Well I’m already married so

Josh: Yeah he’s already married

Jamie: Ha ha ha

Josh: So I guess me! I also plan to one day get married in Vegas, but probably not on a night out spontaneously. A proper blow out wedding in Vegas.

Jamie: That would be fucking cool

Josh: Yeah that’s the plan!

Interview by Sacha Patston.

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