We discuss bruised eyeballs, free beer in Europe and Ash’s theft problems on public transport with North London five piece, HAUS.

Finding any high object to jump from, front man Ash leaps into the crowd only to be caught and carried around the room while the crowd break from a mosh. Having recently headlined the iconic KOKO in their hometown for NME, we catch up with Ash and Ellis after their Bristol show supporting High Tyde.

So you guys recently headlined KOKO and last night you were at Scala, which are both such epic venues, what was it like playing those shows?

Ash: A nice little taster…of what it can be!

Ellis: Yeah it was a sort of dream because growing up in London you see like huge bands play those venues and then you get to play it and it’s!

Many bands take so long to get there and you guys have only been together a couple years; you guys are moving so quickly!

A&E: Yeah!

Currently you guys are on tour with High Tyde, what’s it been like touring with those guys?

A: It’s been really good man, we played with each other in London a couple years ago, but we didn’t really get a chance to talk to each other, but since day one we just hit it off straight away

E: They’re the type of people that you can just hang out with, it’s not just awkward, you don’t just play the shows. We actually hang out, go for a drink, might go get some food or whatever

Like actual friends

E: Yeah like being on tour with your mates!

A: So we went out after our London show with High Tyde and we had their mates and their mates’ girl friends back at our flat until 4 in the morning. Apparently Cody was sick in the tour bus

So how do you get chosen to support this tour?

E: From what we’ve heard from them

A: They choose their own support

E: Yeah they liked our style and sent a note to our manager and said “Can we take these boys out?” And our manager was like “Yeah cool, do it” so it’s pretty sick

Do you have any quirky pre-show rituals?

A: We like to pray

E: Yeah we like to pray before a show

As well as the MacDonald’s we saw you get before the show?

A: Ugh that was fucking grimey man! I hate MacDonald’s…so much!

Yeah it’s really not big round here at all! Everyone’s into small cafés and what not

A: So Bristol ha ha!

So I’ve seen a few photos of your shows and they look pretty mad with all the crowd surfing. So for people that haven’t seen you yet, what can they expect from a HAUS gig?

E: High energy!

A: Yeah, probably like high energy, a lot of beer cans and guitar pedals and shit

E: And Ash on a very high something or other falling into the crowd, that usually happens

A: Maybe a black eye!

E: Ha ha yeah…oh we did a show, one of our first ever shows where we were just going insane on stage and Ash’s guitar hit me like here on the side of my eye

A: It was disgusting man!

E: Mate it made all of this bruise instantly while I was on stage and we were just watching this bruise appear throughout the set. And then for weeks my eyeball started turning black!

Your eyeball!?

E: Yeah, it was messed up! So yeah just high energy and crazy, silly stupid things

A: Mad wit

So you had your fair share of festivals this summer, have you got any tips to survive a festival?

E: Wellies!!

A: Don’t go!

E: If you can be carried around by someone really tall and away from the mud…great! My gear has still got mud on it! You just find little bits on your case or your guitar or whatever.

A: Get a good tent! So important! Fucking hate festivals.

E: But we enjoy getting booked for them!

A: I love playing them but fucking hate being there afterwards!

If you could pick your own festival headliners, who would you choose?

A: Headliners? Dead or alive?

Either, the world’s your oyster!

E: Michael Jackson

A: Joy Division, MJ and Justin Timberlake!

E: Yeah!

A: I speak for the band ha ha. You can go as well if you want!

E: Nah I said Michael Jackson and you included that so I’m happy!

So listening to your music I noticed you use a lot of synths. How do you start getting into synths, because for me it looks so complicated!

E: The producer that we work with is really clever, and it’s just like when you’re in your spare time you remember and play around with synths, play around with different sounds and stuff like that. You remember sounds and you remember how to put them together and so when it comes to writing something in the studio it’s just a case of knowing the sound you want and being able to recreate that.

A: We all have a deep love for electronic music

Do you get a lot of inspiration from electronic music?

E: Yes

A: Yes, very much so!

I saw on your Facebook page that you’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio, are there any new songs in the pipeline?

E: Yes

A: EP next year man!

E: EP early next year, probably in the first couple months!

A: Maybe an album next year

E: Yeah if we can get things done

A: We like to take our time

Keep us waiting

A: Ha ha not for too long!

So what’s next for you after this tour?

E: Sleep!

A: Yeah! Headline tour in March I think. Europe!

E: Europe in January

A: Yeah

Where in Europe are you going?

A: Holland twice

E: France

A: Belgium, Czech Republic

I’ve hear the crowds in Holland are absolutely crazy

A: Yeah, anywhere outside the UK

E: Yeah, Europe love music

A: They look after you as well man, they’ll give you a 24 crate before we even play and then a 24 crate after you play with a meal in between

E: And 24 with a meal as well

A: Ha ha yeah

E: European people love music. It doesn’t matter what genre it is; they just love music. Any artist or band I know that have ever gone to Europe have always been like “Yeah!” If they don’t even know you, they’ll still go crazy!

What did you think of the crowd here then?

A: Good man!

E: Yeah love Bristol, everytime!

No one normally moves!

A: Slowly get into it

E: Yeah at the end there were mosh pits, had two minds. I think we’ve found more people tend to dance more than mosh and go crazy. You see people in the crowd just grooving and enjoying it!

So for the last part of the interview we’ve got a round of who’s most likely to

A: Ok!

So who’s most likely to end up on I’m a Celebrity?

E: Ashley!

A: On what!?

E: I’m a Celebrity! You!

A: Why me bruv!?

E: Because!

A: D-man!

E: Nah, D-man would be so boring on it man

A: Yeah, I’d do that when I run out of money! Ha ha ha

Who’s most likely to end up at a karaoke bar?

A: Ha ha ha me!

E: Yeah I was gonna say you!

What would you sing?

A: What would I sing? Heathens by 21 Pilots. I was singing that to my singing teacher the other day

E: I think if we had enough drinks I think most of us would be in there having a good time

A: Cry me a river. Yeah man

E: Yeah, crying into your microphone

Finally, who’s most likely to lose everything on a night out?

E: This guy!! All 3! He’s in a habit of losing his phone…and wallet, and coats and

A: Nah not coats, they get stolen!

E: You still lose it!

A: It’s so annoying! I haven’t lost anything in a while!

E: So Ashley for all 3!

I’m so sorry!

A: I fell asleep on the train once, on a way to a meeting with my manager and then just woke up with my bag and my skate board just gone! Someone literally robbed me as I was asleep! Brilliant

E: He has really bad luck, like he’ll leave his phone on the bus or the train or just lose it generally and it will be gone! I’ve left my phone on the bus 3 times and it’s been returned to me!

A: Suck a dick bro!

E: I’m sorry man! If I find your phone I’ll return it

Interview by Sacha Patston

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