If you were to ask London-band, FOURS, what dance move they’d hope fans would bust out to their songs; the answer would be ‘any dance move is welcome, even dad dancing.’

Whilst sat in the bar of King Tuts, the four piece – comprised of Edith, Dan, Jezza and Luke – relay the different shapes each member demonstrates during a set. Unfortunately, no dad dancing takes place, instead, Edith hones the ‘jiggle’ and Dan tackles the dab; to which he announces ‘my best dab was in Benidorm last month.’

The onset of this foursome came through an introduction between Edith and Dan at River Bank Sessions and a later discovery of Jezza and Luke – who just happened to live together. A few years down the line and they’ve turned heads with a collection of bittersweet numbers dressed in subtle 80s pop guitar.

Despite the name corresponding with the structure of FOURS, there is more to it’s creation than this coincidence; “there were two options, first was La Fleur which was taken from the character Peter La Fleur in Dodgeball, but then we looked it up and this European DJ had already used that, who Dan actually saw in Ibiza a few weeks ago!” 

“I think I just stumbled upon the name in rehearsal one day; the link comes from this t-shirt I have that just says FOURS with two lines on it and I think we had looked at it for so long and started liking the way it looks,” explains Jezza, “but it has to be in all capitals, it really annoys me when it’s not!”

It’s the second night on tour with Kyla La Grange and already, the band have scoped out some good time killers; “I’ve shown the boys some Serial podcasts; Dan has been anti-social listening to his music and napping which is usually me,” says Edith, “we’ve been singing to songs in the van which I am now banned from because I almost lost my voice yesterday.”

In defiance of everyone’s advice, Dan explains how they ignored recommendations to ‘leave their big night out for the last night, it’s what everyone tells you to do but we still went for it!’

As their first taste of tour – and fully gigging outwith London – it’d be easy to get caught up in regular ‘tour etiquette’ as some would say, yet FOURS still have their wits intact. Hyping up excitement for a new venue and audience,’I think performing every night to people we don’t know and to different crowds is the best part to it all.’

“The only other gig we’ve really played outside London was to a room full of members from the music industry, well no, my mum was there actually,” adds Jezza.

Recently released, bold and impudent Stella hits at their recent spin of indie-pop numbers. Courageous in every aspect, the track takes a swing towards those ‘men who harass you/a group of girls on a night out‘ – an issue that happens too often – ‘at first you call them a creep and then it’s almost laughable but then you have to try and get your friends away, it’s about that kind of situation,’ explains Edith. It’s a difficult topic, but one that FOURS have covered in a sheet of colour and glitter – much like their other tracks.

When it comes to recording and writing, the band have it down. “Dan usually builds a prospect and kind of writes the nuts and bolts of a track,’ explains Luke, ‘then we sort of pull it apart and will say ‘ok I love that part, let’s build on that’ and then we add drums and bass and Edith will write her part.”

‘It’s quite strict in the studio, we go in knowing what we are doing and ready to go in to do it.’

‘The last few tracks we have been working with Glasgow’s own, Lewis Gardiner so what we do now is go back and forth with him, go to the studio ourselves and then in post-production he sort of changes things up.’ 

With a new formula to their recording and a couple more singles in the pipeline, FOURS are becoming more exciting as days go by. Edging into the spotlight as they prepare for a run of shows and releases, a band to recommend, jump on board before they hit it big time.

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