A few weeks ago we were introduced to an acoustic/pop singer whom you could happily compare to the likes of Ed Sheeran. After listening to his current single Out Of Reach, we were instantly hooked and went on to ask Darren Campbell a couple of questions about his music.

VINYL NOISE: What influenced you to be in the music industry?

DARREN: Well my brother is also a musician so I think it came from that.Either it was in my blood, or just being around a musician all the time that encouraged me.

VINYL NOISE: There’s tons of musicians in the music industry,  is there any in particular that you’d like to collaborate with?

DARREN: It’d be a dream come true to work with Jake Bugg or Ed Sheeran. Or maybe a female such as Gabrielle Aplin. I think my voice would go better with a females.

VINYL NOISE: To any new fans and listeners, how would you describe your music?

DARREN: This is a hard one, I’d probably go for easy / listening, pop, acoustic. Some songs are upbeat and some are slow.

VINYL NOISE: Within this year you have played a couple gigs around Scotland, did you have any favourite venues or songs to perform live?

DARREN: I don’t like to pick favourites, but my show in Glasgow was cool!

VINYL NOISE: Before the release of your current single you announced that you would be releasing another one along with a video, is there any chance you can give out a little information about this announcement? The name? Anything about the video?

DARREN: Yeah I suppose I can let you in on the title. It will be called ‘Home’. Can’t give too much about the video yet!

VINYL NOISE: From your first song to your current music, which is your favourite song that you have written?

DARREN: My new unreleased song ‘Home’ by miles and miles….and miles.

VINYL NOISE:When writing music do you write your lyrics first or the backing music first?

DARREN: Usually the guitar first, then the lyrics, then I add all the other parts to turn it into a song.

VINYL NOISE: So you’re an upcoming musician, where do you hope to be in the next couple years?

DARREN: In a couple years it would be a dream come true to be touring the world! It’s what I want to do in life and I won’t stop until I am doing it!


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