We caught up with Evelyn and Saul to talk Pick Me Up’s, signing a record deal two shows in and of course, Saul drinking soap.

Clean Cut Kid won Glasgow over with their infectious pop washed sounds a few weeks back. Slick guitar riffs and sugar coated melodies packed out the venue and left the crowd craving every last drop of this Liverpool four piece.

Check out our interview below.

You just kicked off your tour last night in Newcastle, how was it for you guys?

Evelyn: So good!

Saul: Yeah it was a really good start to the tour

Evelyn: The crowd were awesome, they were just really warm and welcoming! Also dead responsive, like you’d say one thing and they’d all go “yaaaay!” so you feel really great when they’re like that!

Saul: They were all dancing away as well – which was amazing

The line up looked amazing as well, with both Cape Club and Clay!

Evelyn: Oooh I know! They were great, honestly such a good way to kick off the tour!

Are you looking forward to tonight’s show then?

Evelyn: So much! We got in the van earlier and everyone was just so excited

Saul: Yeah we arrived at the venue and got downstairs for them to tell us that we’ve sold 20 more tickets than we should be able to and that more people should be coming in – so should be fun!

Evelyn: Might be a bit squished!

Saul: Just make sure to be down the front though you guys!

Of course, of course! So how does it feel to be coming back in November to be supporting The Courtineers at the Hydro for an arena show?

Evelyn: Oh my god it’s going to be amazing!

Saul: It’s so exciting! Meant to be a great venue as well

Evelyn: I mean we’ll be playing to a lot of people, like A LOT of people

It fit’s around 13,000 I think?

Evelyn: Nothing too big then, ha! That is mental

Saul: Who have you guys seen there then?

We saw Taylor Swift last year and it was amazing

Evelyn: No way!

Saul: That is amazing

Evelyn: Here’s hoping for us now! Maybe we could get her up as our special guest

Saul: What a show that would be

When you guys started out, you managed to sign a record deal just after your second gig! How did that come about?

Evelyn: It was a mixture of hard work and a lot of luck! Because with the hard work side of things, we spent about 7 or 8 months just rehearsing non stop, in the cold, no money and we all just really buckled down and rehearsed loads. We also disciplined ourselves to not put out any demos or music out and not do any gigs! We wanted the first one to be really special and there to be a sort of mystery around the band I guess! And it paid off, we did our first gig in London and it got leaked to a couple of people – our management who we had actually only gotten a few months before, just started some whispers in the industry because they just had this confidence of “you don’t want to miss this show, the band are great you have to come see them!” and enough people got wind of it that the first gig was pretty packed, then by our second show two weeks later we had every label there and every industry person you could’ve wanted, it was sold out and just crazy! And then we signed our deal! It was because we spent so long working on our live set and put in so much work that it was a really good show, I mean I can say that because we’re so proud of it!

Saul: Aw it was good wasn’t it! That’s bringing back the memories to me

Evelyn: Same! But we knew we only had one shot to really impress all the industry heads so we knew we had to make it as good as can be! So pretty much how we sound now is how we sounded then, we just made it as good as we could do really! So yeah it was a mixture of hard work and preparing it all then just mad luck that all the whisperings made there way around to the right people and it all paid off!

That’s amazing! How long had you actually been together up until that point?

Saul: Well we got signed in April and Ross joined the November before

Evelyn: So that was what? 6 months I think?

That’s insane

Evelyn: It was pretty mental! We just had to really make sure to not leak or trickle any demos out because we only had one shot to really show our sound! And we’d all done it before in other bands where we’d put out demos before we’d really formed properly

Saul: Yeah and also in those 6 months when we were rehearsing Evelyn was essentially teaching me how to sing and Mike was teaching me how to play the bass! And then before that it had been Mike and Evelyn writing songs and everything together then before that it was Mike doing his own thing – so a lot of work has gone into this!

Evelyn: Yeah and just lucky that the music scene was coming back into guitar bands, especially guitar kind of pop I guess! When we made the first two singles it had been a year or so before so it wasn’t the kind of stuff we were hearing on the radio – so again just luck!

So what would you guys say is your go to Pick Me Up when you’re feeling down?

Evelyn: Aah see what you did there

Saul: I get depressed if I haven’t had enough sleep or drunk enough water. So I’d say drink a bottle of water and have a nap

Evelyn: Like a little animal

Or baby ha!

Evelyn: Yes! Anything a baby wants, Saul wants! I guess mine is, well it’s a bit cheesy but Mike cheers me up all the time, he’s just hilarious. But also a lot of Netflix and just eating away the sadness I guess

You just brought your video for Make Believe, what can you tell us about it?

Evelyn: It was so much fun!

Saul: Yeah really good

Evelyn: So much static though because we had this sheet like billowing the whole day

Saul: Yeah by the end scene our hair was all over the place!

Evelyn: And we got to go in harnesses for the first time and get dragged back

We were wondering how you did that! Thought it was maybe just someones job to physically pull you back themselves

Saul: Ha! Just grab us by the toes

Evelyn: It was so much fun! Like we’d be lying there doing our bit and they’d be filming and playing the song and we’d have no idea when it was going to happen! So all of sudden we’d just feel this enormous yank and you would go flying back

Saul: It actually all started a disaster for me because we had a gig the night before and had gotten back quite late so when I got dropped off I knew I needed my bass for the video so I took it with me and then in the morning I was doing the check of “have I got everything with me?” and yeah was ready to go then got out, shut the door and I’d left my keys and bass inside. I had half an hour to get to the video shoot as well!

Evelyn: It was bad

Saul: Yeah I started panicking and had to phone everyone I knew asking if they had keys or a bass I could borrow but finally, somehow I got back in and managed to get my bass and show  up about two hours later! But luckily it was one of those videos where they get you to show up early because so much was going on so I had actually had plenty of time! My face was white though and just dripping with sweat

Evelyn: You did ha!

Saul: Oh yeah and I drank washing up liquid

Evelyn: That was so funny!

Saul: Yeah it was like this big bottle of cloudy water just sitting on a table and I thought it was maybe just lemon water or something and I carry around this pint bottle with me which I can pretty drink in one go, so I filled it up and just drank the whole thing and just stood there a bit like “this is weird” and asked someone why it tasted sort of soapy and he just replied “Yeah sorry I had to put soap in that to clean it” so I had to go and be tactically sick and felt a little better but it couldn’t have been good for me

Evelyn: Oh you had a rough day didn’t you?

Saul: You could say that

What would you say has been your favourite video to film overall then?

Saul: I’d actually say Make Believe is personally my favourite so far

Evelyn: Yeah that was my favourite to film, I found it that one the most enjoyable! I do still love the Vitamin C one though, makes me all nostalgic! First video we did and it was fun to watch all the actors and it was out first time doing anything like it and we showed up to their being stylists, make up artists, food, walkie talkies and people running around tying your shoes for you and it was mad, we were all really overwhelmed! That was pretty special for me and I do love the video, the lead guy was incredible

Saul: Yeah same! The Pick Me Up video was actually really hard work, we spent a whole day pretty much just head banging to the song ha! But we turned up to this big mansion with a room full of food and everything –  still pretty mad to think about!

So you guys had a pretty packed out summer, what would you say was the biggest highlight?

Evelyn: I loved Glastonbury

Saul: Yeah same

Evelyn: The crowd were just amazing! We had no idea that there’d be that many people there and they’d all be singing like we were just thinking “how do you know these words and who are you?!”

Saul: We’d been waiting years to play as well so turning up for the first time to actually play it was mad! Like just appreciating all the years we hadn’t been going to be able to practice and to actually put in the work to be able to go was also mad

Evelyn: Yeah it was really really good, really good! And Latitude as well because it was our first ever festival as a band last year and the year before that I remember going and watching the Huw Stephens stage and just turning to Mike and saying how I hope we can play that one day and then a year later we came back and headlined it! Just so surreal to think about

Saul: Yeah thinking  about how quickly it happened is mental!

Yeah insane! So if you could Runaway anywhere right now, where would you go?

Evelyn: Oh love that, ha! I think I’d go back to Texas because we did SXSW there and that was amazing! Honestly the best festival, all the bands playing were great, it was so hot and everyone was just in the best mood! The way Austin is set out is also kind of like that grid system like in most American cities so it was dead easy to find your way around and you could walk for like an hour down one street and still be seeing bands in all the venues and just busking on the street – so good! We hope we get to go back and play, had the best time!

Where about’s would you guys say you are with an album?

Evelyn: Oh yeah it’s nearly finished actually! Just been working away at it this year and have a deadline to finish it by the end of it! Want to get it all boxed off and out next year – but if it doesn’t come out next year it’ll be for some mad reason… so expect it in 2017 basically!

We thought we’d finish off with a game of Who’s Most Likely To

Evelyn: Yes! Love this game

Ha! So, who’s most likely to get lost on tour and show up at the wrong venue?

Saul: Me

Evelyn: Saul get lost? Never!

Saul: Ha! Yeah and never forget my bass either…

Who’s most likely to ask someone who isn’t pregnant, “when are you due?”

Evelyn: Oh me!

Have you done it before?

Evelyn: No but I definitely could do that! I’ve nearly done it so many times to the point where I’ve had to pull Mike to the side and get him to calm me down because I’ve been that close to saying it to someone! I worked myself up so badly and honestly had to pull Mike away and be all “I nearly asked the worst question ever!”

And lastly, who’s most likely to fall off stage?

Evelyn: Oh poor Mike

Saul: Mike actually has done that before and broke both his arms

Evelyn: And still played the show

No way!

Evelyn: Yeah! He fell off during sound check and then broke both his elbows but none of us realised how bad it was because it wasn’t an open fracture – or whatever they’re called. He was in absolute agony as well, could barely move his arms but all of us were just like “oh you’re probably fine mate” and he had to sit with his arms in buckets of ice before the gig and taken loads of pain killers and kept saying how sore it was but we all kept shrugging it off like “you’ll be fine!” then at the end of the gig he was white and just not right at all. So we went to the hospital and even the doctors were saying how it’s probably fine but after they got the X-Ray it showed he’d fractured both elbows and he had to stay in slings for ages!

Saul: What a guy!


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