We talk tour, new single 6AM and videos with Clay.

Citing a new generation of synth-set treats, Leeds-based Clay are quickly moving grounds. Boisterous melodies are met with charming vocals in every feel-good tune. A pick me up to any hangover or a persuasive voice to go out, Clay have the it factor.

Read our interview below.

So you’re heading off on tour this December, how are you feeling? Any particular venues or cities you’re looking forward to? 

We can’t wait to be back on the road! It’s always a surreal feeling to see these songs that we created mean so much to people and to be selling out shows nationwide. It’s insane. The Manchester show on the tour at Deaf Institute is our biggest headline show out of Leeds to date, and that’s nearly sold out which is insane. Cardiff is also very close so they will be highlights for sure!

What does a day on the road with Clay look like?

It’s a pretty juxtaposed day really. pre-show is very chilled, we like to stay pretty isolated beforehand. Afterwords, however, not so much. Carnage.

For someone who isn’t too familiar with your sound, how would you best describe it to get them hooked? 

This question never ceases to stump me. I read an article about us the other day (guilty) that said we are impossible to pigeonhole and bigger and more diverse than any ‘label’. I like to think that’s pretty accurate. If I had to, I’d say we’re amazing.

What can you tell us about your newest single 6AM

It’s our best work yet, it’s a progression again from the ‘Heaven EP’ and the recording process was a dream. We’re lucky to work with people like our producer, Gethin Pearson, who understand our vision and help us break boundaries. The reception was insane, by far our biggest yet. The releases, I feel, are always quite literal markers of our growth in terms of our fanbase, the reaction was genuinely humbling and it’s growing every day.

You just released a video for the single also, how was that to film? 

It was amazing. It was a new experience for us, as all of our other videos have been homemade but we loved every minute. It was a very long night, but a special one.

You’ve got a few music videos under your belts now, which holds the top spot in terms of filming and the final cut of the video itself?

We never release anything, be it music or videos that we aren’t 100% happy with so it is difficult to rank. The ‘Sun Dance’ video will always be special to us, but ‘6AM‘ really encapsulates the track perfectly and it was amazing to work with such a like minded director in Hamish Kay.

You’ve played your fair share of shows, what would you say has been the weirdest thing you’ve ever had shouted at you from the audience?

We’ve been lucky in the way that we’ve never really been heckled too much. Someone once asked what the lyrics were midway through the song which was inconvenient, if nothing else.

You’ve got a clear aesthetic for the band, with the whole black and white tinge across social media etc. Was it easy for you guys to decide on the sort of image you wanted the band to have? Or something that came with time as the band and your sound grew over time?

We live in a world where everything is intertwined, everything is visual and instantly accessible. Our music has a stylistic continuity so we wanted to maintain that across every other aspect of the band. We definitely value that very highly. But for sure, it’s something that is constantly evolving, it has to.

After this tours wrapped up, what can fans be keeping an eye out for?

After our December headline tour, we head out on tour in January with Declan McKenna and after that… News soon.

Lastly and most importantly, would you rather play a gig naked or walk through your old school naked?
We’d gladly do both.


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