We managed to catch up with Australian surf rockers Caravãna Sun whilst on their 5th European Tour ahead of their set at Boardmasters in Cornwall.  These guys are going from strength to strength with their fiesta feeling music that packs a punch of meaningful lyrics.  Their latest single, Open Up for example is about longing for connection to country and embracing Indigenous culture in Australia.

Read below as we speak festival highlights, the new album and life on the road.

You have a very contemporary sound and you (very) successfully blend in classical instruments such as the trumpet – what’s shaped and inspired your your sound over the years? 

It has been a really natural progression for us. We have always focused our energy on the live show and cutting our teeth traveling around Australia. I’d have to say our beautiful homeland has had the biggest inspiration on our sound . From The Kimberley in North West WA to East coast surf coast, its a big part of who we are

So you’re half way through your European tour – how’s it going?

Its been really epic! Lots of sweaty crowds & plenty of over night drives….big recipe for new music. Excited to play Boomtown Festival & Boardmasters this week!

What are European crowds like compared to your Australian home crowds?

Good question! Its very different between countries. For example – The Netherlands tend to mosh & get a bit rowdy chanting the lyrics! While in Portugal the audience dance & lose themselves in the grooves. We feel a big connection to our homeland & love the place. In terms of attendance its been pretty overwhelming the turnouts in Europe & how loyal our European/ UK audiences are! It makes it truly worthwhile coming back. 
What’s your favourite aspect 0f a festival? Any highlights so far?
Always the post show hang with other artists & fans/ friends. Staying up all night, celebrating life & sunrise swim.
Every set you play is just one big fiesta – how do you manage it? 
Lots of coffee…..its actually more to do with the audience & what they bring.

So Open Up is off your forthcoming album, how is it different to your previous album Aya
Originally, we were obsessed with pushing a theme based around our experiences in the Kimberley & what it feels to be connected to country in Australia.

Once we began, the focus was shifted to grooves, feel & colours. Even though an overall theme of lyrics and songs across the album were never discussed, the undercurrent is strongly based around the Australian landscape, our experiences amongst it & our aspirations for the future.

‘Guerrilla Club’ embodies a piece of art rather than a reflection of our ‘live sound’ or our previous records. In the past, we felt it was more important to stay true to our ‘live sound’ and move in a less produced direction. However, on this album we let go of our ideals and just focused on creating the best possible sounds to transcend our listeners.

Guerrilla Club is the most contemporary sounding record we have made but it still delves through retrospective angles. We started this whole process with a drive to create a record worthy of sitting among some of our all time inspirations. Whether we did that is not for us to judge but we are all super proud of what we have created.

You guys always seem to be busy – what’s next for you after your Australian leg of the tour?

We will be returning to Europe in November for the official album tour. A little colder but I’m sure we can find some thick wet suits to surf the Cornwall coast.

Since you guys have an unconventional tour method – what is life on the road like with you?

We try to keep close to the ocean wherever we go. Our music and art is a direct representation of our lifestyle and experiences. Moving as a family, we stay close to one another and focus on feeling while on tour. Whether there’s ups and downs, we always remain there for one another and celebrate on stage this amazing life we lead. 

Where has been the best place for you on your travels?

Travelling around with music, we are always searching for places where we will resonate. In Australia we love the Kimberley & South West WA for the land and the beautiful community that line the west coast. Europe has been hugely influential with Portuguese festivals and Dutch beach clubs at the heart of our music. Surf community’s have always taken us in with open arms and now there is no surprise that Cornwall is calling!

Who have you been listening to lately – who’s been on your tour playlist?

We actually created our own playlist from Spotify of whats currently playing through the tour van! (Listen here)
You guys seem like avid surfers – have you got time to go for a surf while you’re down at Boardmasters? 
For sure! We already had a couple days off surf in Newquay after Electric Beach Festival! Some sweet waves & so many local legends! Love this area! 
And lastly, where’s your favourite surf spot back home?
Shark Island is our local break! Really love a lot of spots on the east coast around Yamba, Byron & Sunshine Coast.  Also on the west coast in Esperance but its sharky as! 

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Interview by Sacha Patston

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