Scottish four-piece We Came From Wolves have had a wild year since the release of the big debut album. Alt-rock tunes in shapes of pop music; the result is a catchy mix of burly beats, candid lyrics and slick guitar riffs.

We talk Belladrum, the debut album and playing a gig naked with Kyle, Andy, Michael and Rob of We Came From Wolves.

How did you find your set on the XPO North Seedlings Stage this morning?

Kyle: It all went really well, it’s probably the earliest we’ve ever played so there were a lot of vocal warm ups and coffee and water but it was really nice to see a lot of people down there that early. It was surprisingly a good turnout! A lot of hangovers down there, I think they appreciated it though and we’ll hopefully catch a lot of them walking about today.

You definitely woke them up! So as first timers here at Belladrum, what are your thoughts so far?

Kyle: Really cool! We just walked past the main stage and it’s a beautiful setting, we’ve played a lot of festivals in our time and it’s probably one of the most beautiful we’ve seen in terms of a setting. We haven’t caught any bands yet so we’re gonna have a wander about and see what there is!

Is there anyone you’re particularly eager to see?

Rob: Fatherson at 4?

The Secret set that’s not secret anymore?

Andy: Cat’s out of the bag!

Kyle: Yeah the Fatherson secret, we thought our friends Nieves were playing today but we went up to them today like “oh guys what time you on today?” and they said it was yesterday! 

Rob: WOMPS are playing today as well

Kyle: Are they? Oh yeah WOMPS and Fatherson then but quick shout out to Nieves!

So this is one of your last festivals of the year, have there been any highlights for you over the season?

Kyle: ButeFest was good, it’s a really small festival but in terms of performance and crowd reaction and just a good night after, they gave us a lot of guest passes so we were able to take a lot of friends up with this and that’s always the best! We spend a lot of time just us which is cool because we’re all friends but it’s always good to add in some more people! 

We’re looking forward to next week on the Shetland islands, 13 hour ferry not so much but it’ll be good fun I’m sure!

Having had your fair share of experience, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen this festival season?

Andy: Probably Kyle getting off with big David Bowie 

Michael: Yeah there was some big paper mache David Bowie on someones shoulders walking about

Kyle: The weirdest thing I’ve seen was when we played T in the Park two years ago, we were just off stage and we were doing a kind of group selfie and in the back, when I look at the photo there’s a lady squatting and you can see a poo on the ground so that’s pretty weird! Unless that’s not for other people but I felt that was pretty weird!

So you’ve posted on Instagram about how you’re off to record some new music as you’ve “got a lot more to say,” can you elaborate on that?

Kyle: I feel personally that I really love the debut album we did, I think we played it a wee bit safe, tried to make sure my roots were in kind of post hardcore and heavier music although I love melody and all of us do. I feel like lyrically I just talk about hum-dum and an exciting life and didn’t necessarily talk about important issues like depression and anxiety and not always feeling like you can always turn somewhere else, but without going too deep I think some things like that need to be addressed. 

Where do you tend to take inspiration from?

Rob: Each other ha, and my mum and dad!

Kyle: A lot of the time we just kind of jam riffs and form riffs and from there build a melody, melody kind of comes quite easily to myself and guitar parts will just jam out of practice We’re all quite intrinsically linked in terms of if I come up with a riff, the drums are exactly what I thought of, the guitar is exactly what I thought of – yeah music doesn’t come that hard it’s just about piecing it together!

Your debut album was released last year, how has that been for you since it’s release?

Michael: Yeah it’s gone down really well, I mean it’s over a year old now which is pretty scary to think but we toured it a lot, played a lot of shows and everyone seems to be digging it! Excited to hear what we’ll release next, it’ll be good to get in the studio and get some new music out there for everyone to hear!

Kyle: I think one thing that comes away from it, I don’t know if I was prepared for it at all but anytime people would see it live that know the album, they say they enjoy it a lot more live. It’s a lot heavier than the record and I guess that’s what I mean in terms of “I’ve got a lot more to say,” maybe not just lyrically but these new songs are definitely not just trying to play it clean and perfect for radio, it’s definitely a lot more balls out 

Rob: A lot more energy!

Kyle: A lot less worrying about being accessible, I feel like if you like this then you’re gonna love it and if you don’t then that’s no problem!

I would agree that it’s usually better to see music live than hear it through headphones! But is there any particular track you each prefer to play live?

Andy: I think Coraline is good to play drums, it’s quite fast, there’s some technical beats to play in it so for me it’s kind of like a show up song and there’s a cool bit in it where all the guitars stop and it’s nice wee drum solo so probably Coraline.

Michael: Probably for me, Where’d Your Love Go? which Andy doesn’t like too much but I just think it’s a good song, there’s a few I love doing but that’s the main one.

Kyle: For me, I would usually pick one that I would think I sound best in but it’s probably one that I struggle the most at because it’s at the top of my range however, because it’s a challenge and because of it’s energy, I like You’ve Backed The Wrong House because it’s distortion pedal for the full song, it’s a simple structure however there’s a lot of head banging and getting involved, a lot of good vibes!

Rob: Butterflies probably, we didn’t used to have it in the set when we started the touring cycle but I’m glad we do now. Quite heavy melodic and a good beat as well so Butterflies! 

You released the video for I Need Something a few months ago, how was the to film?

Rob: Good for us (Rob, Andy and Michael) because we didn’t have to do anything! Kyle was doing all the filming ha

Kyle: That was a bit of a weird one for me, we thought because it’s a personal song that it would come across better just me doing the quiet, fragile part and then meet all the others for the performance part. It was a bit shit because I don’t really like filming on my own and it was a lot of walking! But it as beautiful scenery, even if you’re watching on mute it’s a nice video to look at. So big up Wavey Music, they’re doing big things and they’re upcoming for videos and did really well on the production!

So what upcoming shows can fans look out for?

Kyle: We’ve got two special shows coming where we’re gonna debut our new material, that’ll be a preview to the new material tour in October so that’s on the 2nd of September at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy (Glasgow) and the 3rd in Sneaky Petes (Edinburgh). We wanted them to be small shows, like intimate to practice and just smash out these new songs. 

Rob: I think they’re good venues as well, probably translate better than a huge, soul-less room!

Kyle: Then we’ll be boosting back on tour in October for about two weeks for the release of the new single!

Lastly, would you rather play a gig naked or walk through your old school naked?

Michael: A gig? If the boys were up for it I’d be there ha

Kyle: Yeah I’d be up for it, would need to make sure it’s not too cold but I’d be there

Rob: I play my bass pretty low so you won’t see anything

Kyle: Ha I like how you made that really personal to you, like YOU won’t see anything! Doesn’t matter how low my guitar is ha!

So we’re all set on gig then ha, thanks for the interview guys!

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