We caught up with Sophie and Celia to chat all things touring, festival tips, “Slappy” and their good friend Susie.

Indie rock four piece; The Big Moon were welcomed back to Glasgow with open arms as they returned to headline the King Tuts stage. With Silent Movie Susie, Cupid and latest release Formidable, it was a set for the books (review here).

Check out our interview below.

You guys have been pretty busy lately, being on the road with the likes of Mystery Jets and Spring King?

Sophie: We actually never got to go on tour with Spring King because Tarek got really ill! We managed to catch them quite a bit over the summer with fetivals and everything though, we love those guys! And we’ve always wanted to play together – so one day we will!

Celia: But Mystery Jets were so good!

How do those support slots compare to now having your very own headline tour?

Celia: Longer soundchecks are always a plus

Sophie: And tastier snacks

Celia: Snacks are always important

Sophie: I was saying earlier that you do notice a difference in crowds because obviously before it was always sort of people maybe turning up too early to a Mystery Jets show and catching us! But now when we see people here we know it’s to see us – which is insane! Feels a bit odd as well I guess because we are just use to hoping the crowd will like us, ha!

Celia: Yeah I get a little more nervous now!

Sophie: Yes! A bit more like “oh! This is our thing”

Celia: Exactly ha! There’s more expectation now

Sophie: But I do like it

Celia: Yeah it’s exciting

So last time you guys played Glasgow, was at Stereo and we chatted to Jules (read interview here) she mentioned how you all made a sort of radio show thing while on the road – what would you say has been your go to time killer this time around?

Sophie: Well I really want to start watching Black Mirror

Celia: We’re only two shows into this tour, so the possibilities are endless!

Sophie: I’m really set on Black Mirror being one

Celia: Ah we didn’t bring slappy ball this time! Slappy Ball is something we did last tour as well and when we were recording our album

Sophie: It’s sort of a de-stresser for us

Celia: You basically just slap the ball at each other, but if you get through a window or in a bin everyone’s like “Waheeey GOAL!” so it’s pretty exciting

Sophie: You basically just try and keep it in the air for as long as possible as well

Celia: Yeah it’s good for when we needed a break or like a pick me up of “yeah lets go sing and make music now for three hours and play rock shows!”

Sophie: Yeah if we ever started to feel fed up or frustrated, Slappy Ball was our go to

Celia: As for this tour though, I’ve been reading a lot of articles on my phone and our tour manager is the best at putting on music. He pretty much just puts on any album you really wanna hear, without even realising you wanted to listen to it

Sophie: That is so right!

Celia: When it comes on it’s like “oh yeah this is so what I needed!” but you didn’t even know you needed it until it came on – so our tour manager is amazing for it. We’ve also been doing a lot of sleeping, it’s been the main time killer so far I’d say

Now that Summer and festival season is over, do you reckon you know the do’s and don’ts of festivals?

Celia: I think not trying to hard is the main thing, like don’t think you can catch every set and meet up with everyone. Just stick with a group and whatever happens happens really

Sophie: Yeah sometimes it’s not worth trying to do everything at the same time

Celia: You’ll find or see people and sets and some point anyway so it’ll work out

Sophie: Wellies are also important

Celia: Definitely yes!

Sophie: Did you guys go to any festivals this summer?

We managed a few! T in The Park was a muddy situation and some other Scottish ones like Belladrum (review here) and Electric Fields (review here) were good! Except we made the mistake of getting a “two man” tent…

Sophie: They’re the worst!

Celia: Rookie mistake guys

Sophie: Those sized tents only fit about an arm in them

Celia: I’ve been there before, I now know to always go about one size up

Sophie: Yeah good festival tip there, one man up

Celia: One man up!

A guy next to us had a six man to himself, so he had a great time

Sophie: Ha! What a guy

Celia: My sister got me tent for my birthday – because I’m really exciting… But my birthday is in June so she thought I’d need it for the whole festival season, so was actually a very good gift! But the bank actually stopped her card because of “unusual activity” on it because she bought a tent, ha! She was pretty angry at me

So you guys have received a lot of love around the Silent Movie Susie video, where did the idea from it come from? 

Sophie: Our director for it Louis Bhose came up with everything! He’s done like four of our videos now? But he came up with the idea and we basically just sat around eating breakfast while we discussed all the things Susie could be doing in the video, we just brainstormed all that together but the initial idea came out Louis’ brain

Celia: Yeah he was just like “guys, just go with me here but… DOLLS” and we were sold

Sophie: He sent us over testers of what the dolls would look like and be doing

Celia: Yeah basically just this doll on his kitchen table, ha!

Sophie: He moved it so well! It was really funny

Celia: Yeah we’d all be sitting around the table and she – she? I mean Susie ha! Our good friend Sus the doll! Anyway… Louis had propped her up to make it look like she was sitting with us and we’d all keep suggesting things we thought it’d be funny for her to do, Louis would do it no problem!

Sophie: He always made it a lot funnier than we suggested

Celia: Yeah he is a funny man

A bit of more basic question, but where do you think you take most inspiration from when writing music?

Celia: Well Jules writes the songs! But she’s inspired by pretty much everything and anything that happens

Just life really?

Sophie: Yeah! Pretty much just life

Celia: She’ll create the song and then we all add our bits, like a sick guitar part and sexy bass line

Sophie: And there you go!

Celia: Ha! Pretty much and then we all yell over the top of it – it’s really fun

So rumour has it, you guys have an album in the works and you’ve decided to record it live to help catch the essence of a show. What else can fan be expecting with the album?

Sophie: New songs!

Celia: That have never been heard before! I don’t know how much we can say but it is finished!

Sophie: So it’s done and 100% happening

Celia: Yeah it’s exciting! Just not sure when it’s out

Sophie: We really like it and are proud though

Celia: Yeah completely! It’s so exciting to have a piece of work like an album and to be able to give something to your fans that they could listen to lyrics over and over and be able to recognise more songs in a set etc.

Sophie: Yeah really excited about the lyric booklet actually

Celia: That’ll be great!

Sophie: Fern our drummer typed out all the lyrics, she was just bored and we were mixing and to help save Jules time doing it. But she was busy writing it and I guess she never really thinks about lyrics and she’d just be like “OH MY GOD! THIS IS WHAT THIS MEANS?!” It was so funny to see it happen!

Celia: I had parts like that as well actually! Where it just clicks and you’re like “Jules this is amazing” ha!

Sophie: With Fern though, she’s in her own little drumming world sometimes

Celia: Yeah like she’ll ask us what a certain song is but only sing or play the drum beat to us! And we have to explain to her every time no one listens as carefully as she does to drumming parts!

Sophie: Ha! So true, you always have to ask for something for that just the time signature

So we saw on your Twitter a while back than someone tweeted about their love for emoji’s. If you had to pick an emoji to describe each other what would you choose?

Celia: Sophie is definitely the monkey one with it’s hands over it’s eyes

Sophie: Aw bless

Celia: But in a “Oh no! My bad, sorry!” kind of way

Sophie: You’d be the cat

Celia: But it’s so evil looking

Sophie: But you are a cat

Celia: I mean if you feel like I’m a cat, I’ll be the cat

Sophie: Fern is also a monkey and Jules is either the pineapple or a palm tree I’d say

Celia: Yeah Fern is the monkey one that’s like looking over it’s shoulder I think. That’s a good question actually, I’m gonna have to really mull over all our answers later, ha!

So as the year is coming to a close, who would you say are your top tips for next year?

Sophie/Celia: Trudy!

Sophie: They’re the best band

Celia: Trudy and the Romance 100%

Sophie: They are loads as well I can’t think of aaah!

Celia: Well Soph’s in another band called Our Girl – who are amazing!

We’ve heard of that band before actually! We saw a photo and were like “isn’t she also in The Big Moon?!”

Sophie: Ah no way! That’s so cool

Celia: Yeah that is cool that you can match the two, if that makes sense?

Sophie: I suppose yeah, ha! The band Forth Wanderers are also really good!

Celia: Love them!

Sophie: They’re really young as well, like just left high school maybe

Celia: Signed to Marathon I think as well? So good!

Since Halloween is coming up on Monday, what would you say are your best trick or treats?

Sophie: I’m not sure what my best one is but we’re definitely planning one for Fern, she is the worst for coming up behind people and just screaming at them

Celia: She mainly does it to Jules cause she scares so easily and always has the best reactions

Sophie: I think Jules wants to get Fern back, so we need a master plan

Celia: Yeah because we have a day off coming up we’re going to the Peak District for a walk or whatever and it’ll be really misty and spooky and probably involve us leaving Fern in the woods on her own and her getting annoyed about it

Sophie: Aaaw! Actually no, I only said that because I was picturing Jules and that’s really sad but then realised it was Fern we’re talkin gabout and I wasn’t that sad anymore, ha! Fern wouldn’t be as scared to be fair

Celia: It’s going to be good!

To round off the interview, we thought we’d read out some of the comments we saw on YouTube about your Silent Movie Susie video and just get your take on them really – they’re so good!


Celia: Great, love that

Sophie: Ha!

Celia: I love those comments, they’re my favourite thing!

Sophie: I am so ready for this

First one “it makes me horny”

Sophie: Some people

“You guys are everywhere! Also, I’d eat ice cream off your chest”

Celia: What the f*ck! Ha!

Sophie: What does the first bit even mean

Celia: Yeah do they mean us or Susie

They really don’t specify enough

Celia: I know! Because we’re not actually in it

Sophie: Maybe they’re meaning good old Sus, maybe she’s picked up an admirer

Celia: She get’s around that Susie

Sophie: Yeah her and her tub of ice cream

“I need every video to star barbies”

Celia: Ooh wouldn’t be as special then would it

Sophie: Maybe we could start a trend for it

Celia: Who knows who knows

“Using baronies for sex and for a song?! God what is life”

Sophie: Ha! I like that one, it’s really good. Especially how they’ve pronounced Barbie

Celia: Those are the funniest ones! The ones that are like “this is so weird? How did I get to this dark corner of the internet?!” But it’s not even remotely close to some stuff out there

Sophie: I remember there was one that was like “this is really weird and inappropriate… and I love it!” which was amazing I guess

And the last one, “I honestly thought this was a robot chicken video from the thumbnail”

Celia: Ha!

Sophie: Robot chickens?

Celia: I think the thumb nail is Susie operating on the dog as well

It’s definitely not a robot chicken

Sophie: True!

Celia: Also, who goes “oh my god! A robot chicken video? Finally!”

Sophie: “Been waiting all week for this!”

Celia: Must’ve been so disappointed, poor guy

Sophie: I remember another comment that just said “sex without love” which I thought was really funny

Celia: Yeah no opinion or anything, just a statement. I’ve also always wondered who actually comments on these things

Sophie: Our manager likes to do google reviews, like Tripadvisor etc. so when she goes to a café and likes the food she loves writing a wee review online about it

Celia: I think that’s so weird though

Yeah it’s a bit weird the whole comment thing, because no one would  come up to you after your set and go “That set was so good! Oh and I want to eat ice cream off your chest”

Sophie: Ha!

Celia: I hope not! That would genuinely be a first and I would be so creeped out

Sophie: People also don’t say stuff as weird as that on Twitter

Celia: Yeah that’s right actually, we don’t really get any weird sh*t on Twitter

Sophie: Maybe we should post more photos of ice cream!


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