Bursting onto the scene Airways create grungy indie rock with ingenuous lyrics constructed so skillfully all accompanied by powerful guitar riffs and solos. They are ones to watch as it’s only a matter of time until Airways are playing over your airways.

We managed to catch the band at 110 Above and talk about seeing Kit Harrington at an Alice in Wonderland party and Brian’s need for toast.

Photo by Emma Viola Lilja.

So how are you finding 110 so far?

Jamie: Really cool!

Alex: Fantastic

Jake: I like the location, it’s good isn’t it

Alex: They’ve done a good job of making the barn look quite festive

Brian: It’s really cool – I haven’t been to this size festival before I think it’s really intimate but yeah it’s really cool – well done. The main stage looks really cool. And it was cool to play in a barn

Jake: Yeah because we’re barn virgins, well we were barn virgins

Alex: Now we’re barn sluts ha ha

Have you managed to catch anyone else’s sets so far?

Jake: We’re gonna stay for Cabbage actually

Brian: Yeah, stay for Cabbage. I heard Ten Tonnes is playing a set today

Jamie: We wanted to catch Ulysses Wells but we just heard them from the van

Brian: Eliza and The Bear are playing too

Jake: Bit worried about the bear though

What song would you say gets the best reception when you play it live?

Jamie: Probably Mate

Jake: Yeah the one on the EP called Mate but obviously when you’re playing to a crowd and they don’t really know any of the music the reaction is obviously similar throughout. But when we did a headline run a month ago it was the song called Mate

When can we next expect a new EP or a tour?

Brian: A tour before the end of the year

Alex: Tour then EP

Brian: Definitely a headline tour before the end of the year and hopefully a new single as well and then definitely more music next year as well

Jamie: Or the years after

Brian: We’ve got about 20 years planned out, then we’re gonna take a little break

What would you say is the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a festival?

Alex: I feel like I know some stuff…I’ve seen things

Brian: Let’s think…Reading and Leeds, there’s definitely going to be some weird stuff at both of those

Jamie: How about, it technically wasn’t a festival but we were in a room that could be described as a festival, a festive room

Alex: Ha ha what!?

Jake: There once was this man who had a carrot and then having a carrot gained us entry into this special room that was like Alice in Wonderland. They were all in BDSM costumes and shit

Alex: Jon Snow was there

Brian: Yeah Jon Snow was there

Where were you!?

Jake: Soho

Brian: Yeah the real Jon Snow – I didn’t remember what you were talking about at first

What would you say is your top tip to surviving a festival is?

Alex: Raincoat, wellies

Jake: I would say sandwich bags on top of your shoes

Alex: Over your socks!

Brian: Last year I didn’t have any wellies at Leeds and it was terrible

Jake: It was so bad!

Brian: And I put like three layers of black bags over my foot in my shoe

Jake: I’ve got a picture somewhere

Brian: It was bad, I wouldn’t recommend that

Jamie: I would say wellies or a raincoat for the simple answer.

Brian: As many cans of baked beans as possible – make as many snacks as possible

Jake: Snacks! My mum always buys me lots of snacks

Jamie: She makes him like five bacon rolls at a time as well. She’s a lovely lady

Brian: But actual top tip, sneak in as much alcohol as you can!

Jake: And if you eat a really big meal beforehand you can go the whole three days without eating

Alex: And also airbed as well. This is what I’ve done. I’ve literally gone to Reading Festival with a tent, an airbed and a sleeping bag. Then all those three things I just leave them there. So that would be my tip

So for the last round would you like to play a round of Who’s Most Likely To?

Brian: Yeah

Ok so who’s most likely to be a terrible influence?

Alex: Slinky!

Brian: No I wouldn’t influence anyone

Jake: No it’s Slinky because he’s like “Oh yeah, let’s do this it will be fine”

Alex: And he’s so easily swayed! We were in Nashville and we drove 45 minutes away and we were going to get driven back. He was convinced he could stay the night to get some toast

Jake: Yeah he was just like “Let’s stay here so we can get some toast”

Jamie: And this was 4 in the morning and we were leaving in a couple of hours

Brian: No but I think you’re the worst because you could say something and then we’d be like “Oh alright, that sounds reasonable!” It’s just the way you say it

Jake: To be honest I wouldn’t say any of us are particularly bad influences on each other. We’re all quite mild

Brian: I’d say we’re all quite bad influences on the youth

Alex: Ha what!? That’s definitely not true!

Jamie: We’re not like Pete Doherty

Who is most likely to go to a foreign country to “find themselves”?

Jake: Brian!

Alex: Yeah Brian

Jake: Brian is in a foreign country! Finding himself

Brian: I’m from Chicago so…and I came here to find myself

Jake: He moved to my house two years ago – I met him in America

Brian: I thought his voice was really good and I was like I’m going to capitalise on this ha ha

Jake: So he is in a foreign country!

Brian: I think I found myself but I’m continuing to find out more

Jake: It’s funny because when he first moved over he was so American

Alex: Now he just looks English

Jake: His optimism has just been beat out of him. He worked at a pub, which is one of the worst pubs in Peterborough

Brian: Best pub in Peterborough when I worked there!

Jake: Now he’s a shell of a man

Alex: And he used to skate board to work and literally got run over by a car and got snapped in half, but that is symbolism

Who is most likely to do anything for £5?

Jamie: Brian!

Brian: £5 is like 2 days of food for me

Jamie: The things this boy has done for £5 can’t be said in an interview

Brian: I’ve slept in the van!

Who is most likely to think that Tupac is still alive?

Brian: Me

Jake: He will genuinely have some sort of conspiracy theory

Brian: We’re all Dr Dre lovers though. He was a friend of Tupac

Jake: He once told us the “We Are The Champions” Queen song didn’t have “Of the world”

Alex: Yeah he said it’s just something you hear

Jamie: The Mandala effect. I always thought Nelson Mandela was dead but he wasn’t and a lot of people thought that. So the Mandela effect is when you remember incorrectly to what it actually is and apparently that is one…but it’s not!

Interview by Sacha Patston.

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