After a decade of silence, the wait is over; Air Traffic are back and better than ever.

‘Almost Human’ is a delve into the future, what the band can achieve in this new era of Air Traffic. Read below as we talk new music, Fractured Life and New Year Resolutions with bass player, Jim Maddock.

It’s been ten years since your debut album, how are you all feeling towards the release of new music?

We’re excited. It feels the right time for us to come back with new music after such a long pause.

Comparing 2007 to now, would you say there is a big difference in your creative look towards making music?

Ten years later, we’re more comfortable and confident with who we are as people, and as a band. That has a positive influence on how we approach writing and the sort of music we want to make.

‘Almost Human’ is a beautifully written track, can you tell us a bit about the track?

The process to create ‘Almost Human’ was different to any other track we’ve made before. We’re based in different locations, so we recorded our parts layer by layer, blind to what the other guys were doing. When we finally got together to rehearse, it felt a bit like learning to play a cover! We’re releasing a video for the track soon, which might provide a different perspective on what the song is about.

What can fans expect musically in the future? 

We’re not entirely sure yet. But the reception of ’Almost Human’ has given us a great platform and the confidence to think about about doing more new music.
You recently finished a short tour celebrating ‘Fractured Life’ in which all dates sold out. How does it feel to come back after ten years and instantly sell out shows? Including a headline date in Glasgow!
When we first discussed the idea of doing some shows to celebrate ‘Fractured Life’, we were thinking two or three. A few weeks later, they went on sale and the tour expanded to nine shows with most sold out in the first day! We couldn’t believe it. It was amazing to discover how much our album meant to people. Of course, Glasgow had to be on the tour after so many brilliant nights spent there as a band! 

Looking back over the years, is there anything you would have done differently as a band?

At the time, yes. But looking back, we’ve been able to focus on what we achieved and the amazing experiences we enjoyed together, as well as the things we’ve learnt from.

Lastly, now that we are almost into 2018, what are Air Traffic’s New Year Resolutions?

Aside from preparing for some shows we’ve announced in April 2018, we’d like to spend time working on new material, and unlike ‘Almost Human’ it would be great if we can manage to get in the same room to record it together this time!

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