After their Belladrum debut, we caught up with the indie-rock-pop fusion, Acrylic. A five piece from Glasgow which will soon be top of any must see list. Read below as we speak their latest single Overrun, how to survive a festival and of course, the Spice Girls.

So you played Belladrum yesterday, how was the set?

Lewis: I thought it was pretty good, sun came out for it! Pretty fun

Ross: It’s tough at festivals because you don’t have a lot of time, you have to be ready with all your stuff which we’re really bad at, we’re all really slow so it was a bit stressful but once we got sorted it was class!

Didn’t you do two sets?

Ross: We did an acoustic and then we did an acoustic session. The session was in the XPO North bus and it was cool because it was nice and dry and cosy

The line-up this year is amazing, who have you seen so far? Any favourites?

Lewis: Man Of Moon were brilliant, and we also saw White who were good!

Ross: Fatherson were good on the main stage! Fatherson are a band that are kinda split between our band, me and Lewis love them and then the others like bands that we don’t so we saw them and they were class but you’d get a different answer from the other boys.

Obviously, Belladrum is in Scotland and we all know Scottish festivals to be very different to any other, so what are you top tips for leaving festivals in one piece?

Ross: Speak to my mum! My mum gave us the best tent I’ve ever seen, we’re completely dry and comfortable and well slept!

Tent royalty!

Ross: Exactly, so if you can’t speak to my mum then wellies, which I don’t have on

Lewis: Don’t speak for yourself but wellies, rainproof jacket, oh I’m so boring!

You sound like such a dad ha!

Ross: Pick it up, say drink or something

Lewis: Tinnies! Bring drink because then you don’t have to buy any on site so bring your tin tins and you’ll be fine

Ross: Well done mate, brought up your cool factor!

Lewis: Basically just bring all your own stuff so you don’t have to spend money because everything is so expensive!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a festival?

Ross: That’s really tough actually

Lewis: Didn’t someone get arrested outside our tent last night?

Ross: Someone got arrested when I was trying to sleep last night but that’s not really that exciting! They were probably doing something they deserved to be arrested for. I quite liked the guys who were running around as Cupid shooting arrows at people. These women were really struggling to put up their tent and these guys just fired arrows at them yelling “YOU NEED MORE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE” and they were like “yeah but are you gonna help me pitch my tent?” and the guys ran away so that was good to watch! We didn’t help her either so…we’re no better…

We know you recently played a few shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow, how were they?

Ross: Edinburgh was the best! Edinburgh’s quite tough isn’t it? Compared to being Glasgow, especially since that’s where we are now, like people don’t come out quite as much but Electric Circus was really good

Lewis: That’s the thing, we really like Electric Circus, it’s such a nice venue

Ross: That’s the best crowd we’ve had for a headline I think, we haven’t had many but that’s the one! And then an all day festival at St. Lukes in Glasgow, such a good venue too but Edinburgh definitely surpassed what we expected.

Being in Glasgow, a city with an incredible music scene, who are you listening to?

Lewis: Man Of Moon and I love Redolent

 Ross: We’re playing a show with them in Edinburgh but they’ve had quite a few in Glasgow and they’re great! There’s a lot bands that get a lot of hype in Glasgow that we haven’t seen yet, The Lapelles seem good!

Lewis: White too!

Ross: Yeah we’re the novices, we don’t quite know who’s getting big yet but The Lapelles and White seem to be getting a lot. But yeah, Man Of Moon and Redolent 

Lewis: Oh also The Ninth Wave, saw them recently and I really like them!

The new single Overrun has been getting a lot of attention recently, can you tell us a bit about the track?

Ross: We’re really excited about Overrun, Awake was our first thing for a long time, we hadn’t really released anything for a year because we were just kind of trying to get our shit together! It’s a bit different, I think it’s a bit more to the point, maybe a bit more poppy? That’s maybe not the right word but Awake is kind of one you need to get your head round whereas Overrun is more straight and I think people like it quicker because of that? We’ve had a lot of good feedback so we just want to get more out there and there’s a lot more to come!

Lastly, to finish off, there’s five of you in the band, so what spice girl would you each be?

Ross: What are they again?

Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger – I think Ross would be Scary spice because you’re quite sassy

Ross: If it was sassy spice then yeah but I’m more scared of Lewis than I am myself ha! Jack would be posh spice, we have one obvious ginger in the band so Ruiraidh has to be ginger spice

Lewis: I think yeah Ross would be scary, Andreas is baby and I’m gonna take sporty!

Ross: No you’re scary!

Lewis: Nope I’m taking sporty

Ross: What’s Andreas?

Lewis: Baby! You need to hold his hand wherever he goes ha!

Ross: Ah fair enough, so we’ve got Posh is Jack; Baby is Andreas; Sporty is you (whatever); Ginger is Ruiraidh and I’m not scary

We can change it to Sassy spice then

Ross: I’ll take that! Haha thanks guys!

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