Bruno Major releases cozy new track, Second Time.

Being a singer-songwriter isn’t easy. To be fair, being a musician of any kind isn’t easy, but singer-songwriters have to face issues many of their colleagues don’t necessarily need to deal with.

First of all, there’s nowhere to hide. Most of the time, the instrumentalization is minimalistic, so you can’t grip your audience with an overly exciting blast of sound. Furthermore, your lyrics need to be quite decent. Otherwise, people will be turned off since there’s no distraction.

Bruno Major, an artist from Northampton, knows how to turn these difficulties into strengths. With Second Time, he releases a track whose biggest power is its relaxed, modest character.

A gentle guitar, the softest electronic beats, some humming and Major’s voice team up to create a song so laid-back and comfortable to listen to, it almost begs to be labeled ‘lazy Sunday morning song’.

Second Time doesn’t need to be exciting. In fact, it’s not at all. It’s warm, chilled and cozy – and that’s how it gets us.

Review by Ariane Seidl.

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