Alternating from his usual melancholy, yet heartbreakingly beautiful melodies Isaac Gracie has returned with a more diverse, textured track; One Night.

The third song from his latest EP, The Death of You & I is the brain child of a collaboration with Mura Masa and it’s arguably his most proficient piece yet.

Returning with his his particularly poetic lyrics, Gracie paints a picture in your mind, delivered with vocals as angelic as his name. One Night is accompanied by a folk inspired backing, intertwining a selection of woodwinds throughout the track.

Isaac Gracie captures the pain of love and loss in his lines and melodies yet he can spin them in his own unique way to create gentle and charming ballads. His haunting voice remains with you, long after the song has finished.

The indulgent vocals and accompaniment wraps you up in its warm embrace and you can’t help but get enveloped in One Night.

There’s a few dates left of his October tour – grab tickets here.

Review by Sacha Patston.

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