TRACK OF THE WEEK: Lost Control // Pretty Citizens

Hiding in the shadows or hinting at magnetic rhythms, Pretty Citizens have well and truly Lost Control in their latest release. The psych rock quartet fuse enticing vocals with tempting instrumentals to bring a beady-eyed track to surface.  

They paint a break up, what was once young love and is now just a notion of one another. A brutal subject for a brash track.

Cryptic lyrics hide behind the potent voice of singer, James Addy, whilst the clash of drum cymbals burst through for a colliding chorus.

Speaking about the track, lead guitarist, Luke Watson states “I grew up listening to heavier stuff than I do now. I was a 90s nu metal kid. I still have the Linkin Park hoodie. Every so often I get the urge to tune down my guitar and thrash out some power chords. ‘Lost Control’ basically came out of one of those instances. I was probably pissed off at something – pigeons, maybe, or the wind.”

Gleaming through courageous guitar patterns, Lost Control is a chaotic sound with cutting edge. Nottingham based, Pretty Citizens know what they want – and their out to get it.

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