Not much is known about the young Scot Aylee, but she makes a strong debut with track Bad Habit.

She gives a twist to the standard pop song, with a throbbing bass and satin soft vocals – Aylee has created an easy listen.

Throughout the song she compares the obsession of a past flame to a drug addiction as a “bad habit”. Yet the dark and clever metaphors laced into the track are juxtaposed by Aylee’s innocent and pure voice.

The backing begins slow with soft clicks and an understated beat which slowly builds to a subtle drop at the beginning of the first chorus where the synths take over to lead into the first instrumental section. Aylee then recaptures the song leading into the second verse and the climax of the song.

This song is essential for any late night listening playlist with it’s contemporary electronic beat intertwined with the soft vocals of Aylee. Get hooked and get listening.

Review by Sacha Patston.

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