Milky Chance reveal new track and if you want it or not, it will warm you to the core.

There are very few things that are as hard to shake off as a proper winter blues. Once the January cold made its way into your bones and mind, it appears almost impossible to get it out there anytime soon.

Thanks to Milky Chance, it’s safe to say that there’s hope in these unfortunate times. The German duo recently released their new single Doing Good; an incredibly pleasant and relaxed song that demonstrates the beauty minimalistic instrumentation can be capable of.

Guitar riffs as cozy and laid-back as singer Clemens Rehbein’s voice intertwine with soft drumming sequences and create an atmosphere that suits icy winter days just as good as warm summer nights. Nevertheless, the track’s true power is its chilled, friendly attitude. It doesn’t have to urge you to feel good – you simply do when it comes on.

Those who liked Milky Chance’s debut album Sadnecessary are most likely to welcome Doing Good with the most open arms and hearts. However, the good news don’t stop here: Their new album Blossom is announced for this year’s March.

Enough said for now. Treat yourself with a piece of good music. You surely won’t regret it.

By Ariane Seidl.

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