Glasgow band Acrylic feed our motivation with brand new track, Coast.

A new year brings about a lot of new thoughts, resolutions are written and probably failed within the first week. They say it takes three weeks to beat a habit, but it’s only the 17th. A couple more days means finding the motivation to not pack it in or throw that list in the bin; introducing Coast by Acrylic.

The five piece are no strangers to Scotland’s music scene, appearing at festivals and headline shows whilst releasing their own brand of indie-pop. Coast comes in more than one shape, hitting at different tempos and hiding psychedelic synths, it is however, the only way to beat those January blues.

A simple echo of the bass opens to an endearing harmonic line before oozing into their most pop endeavor yet. A sudden burst of colour, Coast turns into a vibrant breath of fresh air.

“Coast is Acrylic’s oldest song, we’ve had it in some form pretty much since the band started,” says guitarist/singer Ross Patrizio.

“Andreas and I used to write songs separately then bring them to the band, but this was the first we wrote together and so it has always been one of our favourites. It has a weird structure, and we don’t have any other songs like it. It’s definitely the most upbeat Acrylic song, it’s fun to play live.” 

With a headline show set to impress on the 18th at Hug and Pint, Glasgow, make sure you don’t miss out.



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