The Japanese House released their four-track strong EP ‘Swim Against the Tide’ on Friday the 11th of November under Dirty Hit.

The first track, Swim Against the Tide opens with mellow electronic sounds which leads into the outstanding vocals of lead singer Amber Bain. The track is contagious and is accompanied by a robotic sounding drum beat, creating a strong opening for the EP.

This is followed by Face Like Thunder which at times feels very The 1975 through its popping vocals and funky guitar riffs, but this could be because George Daniel – of The 1975 – has been a prominent producer for The Japanese House.

Good Side In opens with a plucky guitar and is followed by strong harmonic vocals. Through the song the sound appears to fade away but bounces back into a catchy and funky guitar riff coated again with the outstanding vocals of Amber Bain.

The EP is then closed by Leon which is mainly vocals with little instrumental moments which feels like a perfect conclusion for the EP with its calmer feel.

The EP blends synthesizers and electric guitars with simplistic and minimal drum beats into vocals layered with harmonies creating an outstanding end result. There is a clear sign of progression from the last EP ‘Clean’ with sounds feeling more developed and heading into a new direction.

The atmospheric brilliance which this EP has created, leaves us craving more. The Japanese House have laid strong foundations for a debut album and a very exciting future.

Grab a copy of the EP here.

Review by Douglas Hill.

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