Sundara Karma leave fans in awe after a sold out O2 ABC show in Glasgow last night. 

A Sunday night in Glasgow either means Club Sabbath at the Priory bar or a night in to prepare for the week ahead. This Sunday, however, the city welcomed back indie pop galore in the form of Sundara Karma. A sold out gig to celebrate their album – and existence.

A band that have no doubt soundtracked nights out for “Generation Z,” providing anthems in all shapes and sizes – from the colourful She Said to a rockier Loveblood. Fans scream for the old ‘classics’ before the new tunes – devotion at its finest.

‘We haven’t played this one live in a while but people were getting ratty on twitter about it and we don’t like hate so we listened to the people,’ explains Oscar before announcing prized track, Diamond Cutter. 

They leave on Happy Family and Explore, exiting the stage to sounds of screaming fans and waves of shirts spiralling in the air. From their first Glasgow gig in King Tuts to selling out 02 ABC; Sundara Karma dress to impress.


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