Beaming in all things colourful, VÉRITÉ has come a long way since her Echo EP last year. From the beginning, Kelsey Byrne (better known as VÉRITÉ) has released one wonder after the other, all dressed in massive synths of course. Her Sentiment EP is no exception. Featuring four massive gems that hit different areas on the spectrum, you’ll be listening to this days on end, non stop (we promise).

Opening with Wasteland, the track bounces in and out of intensity with both it’s sweet and salty features, for example, the eerie harmonies against Kelsey’s strong voice. Then there’s Colors, aka, your next dance anthem – glowing in massive beats and immense drumming – it’s the kind of tune you can jam to whilst getting ready and sipping on pre-drinks. Rearrange highlights a different shade on the rainbow, with it’s soothing beats and simplicity, the shimmering sequences attract nothing but beauty. Finally, Sentiment rounds the collection off with an explosion of drums, synths and everything in between.

As previous fans of VÉRITÉ, this EP definitely doesn’t disappoint. That being said though, we’re sure any newbies will quickly latch onto the tracks too!

RATING: 9/10

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