Known for their dose of Vitamin C; Clean Cut Kid are on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

“We’re not Michael Kiwanuka by the way, imagine him coming out with a big beard though, you’d think tour had really taken its toll,” laughs Mike as the band open the show in Glasgow’s O2 ABC.

Their live set pushes boundaries as guitar solos, ethereal vocals and impressive instrumentation surpasses any given expectation. A band so intricate and passionate with every performance that there’s simply no comparison to any other.

“3 people have seen us? Well that’s a whole new room of fans then,” explains Mike before excusing the comment, “nah that’s cocky thought isn’t it? Everyone’s like ‘who is this and get them off stage!”

The four piece have their wits intact and remain grounded despite their growing fame, something to adore about their presence.

With the release of debut album, FELT, creeping even closer (May 5th) and a headline tour to follow; Clean Cut Kid continue to grow.


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