A year on from his first Glasgow show, Ten Tonnes returns in support of Will Joseph Cook at Stereo.

His indie-guitar-pop wonders filling the room with joy; the upcoming artist is striking to say the least. Despite technical difficulties causing some minor breaks in songs, Ethan picks up the beat as though nothing happened.

“Unfortunately, I only have time for one more song,” explains Tonnes, “this is where you’re meant to boo, it’s very pantomime” he jokes before finishing the set with an acoustic version of Lucy.

An act with ten times the talent, Ten Tonnes is growing before our very eyes.

Opening with Sweet Dreamer, the title of his debut album, Will Joseph Cook sets the stage with his sugar-sweet tracks.

The first headline tour post album release, each newbie is welcomed by warm hugs – particularly Treat Me Like A Lover that transfers as one of Will’s favourites too. Sweet Dreamer as whole, is gratefully received by fans.

As Water’s Gone Cold rolls in, Will decides to go solo, his voice echoing euphorically around the venue as fans become hypnotized. “This next one is the first single from the new album so it holds a dear place in my heart,” Will points out, “sing along if you know it.” Of course, the crowd scream alongside the delicious and fruitful Girls Like Me.

“This is the part where we usually walk off stage and come back but we’d have to walk through you guys which would be kinda weird, instead, were just gonna turn around and you guys can clap and then we’ll carry on,” Will jokes before turning round and resuming the set with “we’re back in the room Glasgow!”

Closing with Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine), he leaves the crowd in awe, a trance if you will.

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