On her way to becoming the next queen of pop; Dua Lipa shares her New Rules with a sell-out headline show at Glasgow’s O2 Academy.

First on, a trio that have been on everyone’s tongues recently; glorified pop ambassadors, Off Bloom. Awakening the audience with huge synth-set beats and explosive club anthems, there’s no holding back as screams fill the venue instantly.

‘This one is a shout out to all my bad ass women,’ lead singer, Mads fuels a girl power moment before continuing to belt out empowering lyrics and robotic dance moves.

Tracks like Golden Dreams and rockefe11a (f*ck that to be honest) ignite the fierce performance, providing slick production and a minute to let loose. In a short half hour set, Off Bloom leave us wanting more, a desirable aftertaste.

As lights darken once again, a band mysteriously sets foot on stage, re-mediating a cult like dance that signifies the immense show about to take place. In a few moves, Dua Lipa herself flaunts forward.

Almost two years ago, she played to just shy of 100 fans in Glasgow’s O2 ABC2 but tonight, she sells out a venue of 2,500.

After this show, it will become apparent to Glasgow why Dua Lipa is the queen of pop; how her voice clings to your minds for days and her presence stays with you forever. She is a figure so many aspire to be (for good reason;) her tracks alone signify self-worth, confidence and hope.

As a live performance, Dua surpasses any expectations – jumping from every footprint, her powerful voice fills the venue with tracks like IDGAF, Be The One and Thinking ‘Bout You.

‘Glasgow I want you to know I love you so much,’ immersed within the crowd is nothing more than love, happiness and the repetitive sound of screams as fans whole heartedly cherish every second of this concert.

Closing with the bold and brash New Rules, fans hold on to this last minute with Dua Lipa. In a few months, she’ll come back for the SSE Hydro (12th April, 2018) so this is considered an intimate show – and all 2,500 of us witnessed what a perfect show that was.

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