Post-album release, Clean Cut Kid return to Glasgow for a sentimental set.

Unfortunately, we missed openers Apache Darling – although we know they come as no disappointment – however, King Tuts packed out for Edinburgh-based Vistas.

An energetic set to say the least, their tracks are bound by thumping drums and nifty bass lines, framed by Prentice’s compelling vocals. An upcoming band not to be missed, Vistas are set for big things.

Headliners, Clean Cut Kid walk on to the sound of screams.

An excitable crowd, their juicy tracks announce another uproar before delving into joyous lines. Honing an ecstatic soundscape, Runaway stands out, in its cheerful and uplifting momentum. The dual vocals – shared between Mike and Evelyn – go meticulously hand in hand with each outburst.

“Here’s a story about our Mike, it’s his job not to be noticed, if no one’s seen him then we can say ‘you did a good job tonight not one person saw you’, but can we have a round of applause for Mike.” The team are close-nit. cracking jokes all night and not letting a single glitch get to them.

Placing the crowd in a gaze, the only interruption came from possibly the nicest drunk who only explained how “fantastic” the band are – something we stand by.

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