We talk BBC Introducing, social media and how to Tell Her How You Feel with Mikey of The Assist.

Boisterous swagger with a touch of aberrant melodies; The Assist have given their all in 2016.

Recent heartthrob, Tell Her How You Feel, comes as a feel-good kick at our generations desire to hide behind a screen; the idea that an Instagram like is a sign of flirtation.

A honey-glazed chorus topped by hearty lyrics and glistening guitar licks; it’s one to get your fingers clicking, head bopping or heart pumping.

This year has been pretty monumental for the band, from playing festivals such as Y Not and Leeds to the many club nights, all whilst gaining your own fan base; what has been the biggest highlight?

This year truly has been a blast! There has been so many good times to mention , during all

of which so many good people have been involved. However it’s the times where it’s just you

boys in the band that you miss because it’s very rare these days we get together off stage.

We recently got the opportunity to play the Birmingham skills show on behalf of the BBC at

the NEC. The whole weekend was surreal for us as it was so serious in comparison to

usually turning up whenever we want and performing however we want. It was great to

perform to so many people and celebrate the great year we have had as just four lads who

love playing music.

You’ve also been featured on BBC Introducing, which is where so many great artists first got exposure, what do you have to say about it so far?

BBC introducing have done so much for us and we couldn’t be more grateful. We continue to

work with both Louise & Jack as they push bigger and better opportunities upon us. It’s great

what they do for not only us but all emerging young talent. We can’t wait to party with those

guys over Christmas!

What can you tell me about the new single, Tell Her How You Feel?

The song itself was actually wrote this summer, acoustically in the back garden of my home

with my brother. It was written with the hope that people would feel encouraged to speak

there mind a little more. Social media has almost created a hierarchy of people which has

led us to believe that sometimes we shouldn’t speak our mind and that in doing so we may

be judged. I personally love nothing more than telling the people I love that I love them ,

soppy I know but no love story was ever written via e-mail, we all have feelings for a reason.

As it’s about expressing your feelings more in person, do you feel our generation have latched onto their phones for that one? 

Phones definitely influence relationships for all the wrong reasons these days. How is it that

liking someone’s photo can display an attraction. Surely someone would rather be told they

are attractive as oppose to receiving a like on their profile picture? Not only that, how can

emotion be felt from a phone screen? Internet interaction has certainly reduced our social


What advice would you give to someone who is in need of a push to tell that person how they feel?

I’d suggest meeting them as often as possible and really getting to know who that person is.

If it’s someone you haven’t yet spoken to then you have nothing to lose. It’s tough because

social media certainly makes people think that they may be better than someone else,

however if that’s the case and they ignore whatever it is you tell them then they certainly

aren’t worth your love anyway.

Three tracks in and your music sticks out from today’s mainstream sound, how would you describe it?

Thank you. Our sound is a mixture of classic indie with elements of funk and dance. I think if

you try too hard to be different it just doesn’t work , best thing to do is really take in what

comes out in the studio and make developments upon that. I think we have benefited from

such a wide array of influences anyway so our natural sound was always going to be

different. The lads are into some crazy music!

So what’s the next goal for the band?

We will continue to write over Christmas and have plans in place to release a new track in

the new year. We have shows booked all over the country as well as festivals for the

summer. In terms of goals we don’t really set any, we just love to write and continue to

harness this sound we have brewing!

And lastly, would you rather play a gig naked or walk through your old school naked?

Definitely rather play a gig naked. We like to think we are quite an athletic bunch so if our

music doesn’t sell the tickets our figures certainly will.



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