Gripping to noisy alt-rock, Vukovi set themselves as a fresh band fit for any ‘fun riff pop’ fan.

A debut album that sparks a flame and continues to fuel their fire, the Scottish quartet are accepted for energetic sets, known for tireless anthems and loud spirits.

Playing the King Tuts Stage on Sunday, we talk The Snake Whisperer, Josh Homme and what’s next for Vukovi, read below.

Photo by Ryan Johnston.

For someone just discovering you guys, how would you you sum up your sound for them?

Fun Riff Pop.

How did the name of the band come about?

I (Janine) was born in Serbia and travelled with the circus till I was 12 as a snake charmer before I moved to Scotland where my mum is from. Vukovi means wolves in Serbian, before I joined the boys were in a band called Wolves hence why Vukovi means Wolves in Serbian.

Best and worst nickname you’ve ever had?

The snake whisperer (not sure if that’s good or bad).

What was the first record you ever bought?

If I got a good report card at school my mum would buy me a CD from our local record shop. I’m pretty sure the first record I got from my first good report card from was the Spice Girls’ debut album. My mum didn’t see me for weeks cos I would dance and sing to it in my room every night.

The last song you were listening to?

Foo Fighters’ new song “La Dih Dah” because it’s the same name as our last single – ha!

What excites you most about TRNSMT Festival?

Playing a festival on your home turf, Glasgow is hands down one of my favourite city’s and has so much to offer the high calibre of artists playing the first ever TRNSMT.

Best and worst festival advice you’ve ever been giver/and or told?

Worst: “you won’t need wellies”.

Best: “if the weather goes to shit just get blind drunk”

Top 3 moments you’re still to tick off the bucket list?

  1. Have Josh Homme say he likes Vukovi.
  2. Take over the world 
  3. Own a purple Lamborghini

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Venga Boys!

What’s up next?

I’m just happy to get through the day! We want to release another two singles by the end of the year along with an exciting summer of festivals, and see what happens!

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