In the way of stylish and energetic tracks, Edinburgh based Vistas are taking over.

Recently released, Strong Swimmer secures the four piece a leading role in the Scottish music scene – maybe it’s their distinct vocals, or their knack for infectious melodies, or maybe it’s just the clean-cut frame that sits above each excitable track.

Performing on the King Tuts Stage this Saturday, we talk bassman, Harry Styles and what’s next with Vistas.

For someone just discovering you guys, how would you sum up your sound?

P: For someone just turning onto our music I’d say it’s a pop rock melting pot that delivers our bright, bouncy, high/energy sound.
How did the name of the band come about?
G: Myself, Prentice and Jamie were in a band before which had a terrible name (which we’re all too embarrassed to say!) and once we decided to re-brand ourselves we thought a name change was definitely in order. Prentice came forward with the name ‘Vistas’ and that struck a chord with us all and I think perfectly reflected the new fresh direction we were heading in. 
It was a pretty easy process considering picking a band name can be one of the hardest parts of being in a band. 
Best and worst nickname you’ve ever had?
G: When I was in primary school I’d get called grey ham. That name still haunts me to this day, definitely the worst.
P: I think the best nickname we’ve ever had within the band is for Jamie our bassist. Regardless of what venue we play in someone always comes up to Jamie and says “Yaasss Bassman!!” Or something to that effect. We all know he secretly loves it.
What was the first record you ever bought?
G : The first record I ever bought with my own money was “Songs About Jane” by Maroon 5, which I still listen to. A true noughties classic.
P: Hats Off To The Buskers by The View… a life changing purchase.
The last song you were listening to?
P: The last song I listened to was Sweet Dreamer by Will Joseph Cook. 
What excites you most about playing TRNSMT?
P: The thing we are most excited about TRNSMT is the fact we are playing the first year of such an amazing festival. It’s especially exciting because it’s our local Scottish festival which have the best crowds in the world, which we can’t wait to play to. It’s also unreal to play alongside some of our heroes such as Kasabian, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and Biffy Clyro to name a few.  
Best and worst festival tips you’ve ever been given and/or told?
G: The best and worst festival advice is to get one of the passes to use the showers and bathrooms. I suppose it’s good advice because you don’t end up like a shell of a person by the end of the festival. But also bad advice because if you don’t end up like that have you actually done the festival properly? 
Top 3 moments you’re still to tick off the bucket list?

P: Top 3 bucket list moments to tick off:

  • Tour and travel the world, would love to play in Europe, Japan and America. 
  • Record our first album.
  • Meet some of our heroes along the way. 

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

G: My ultimate guilty pleasure is that I have a total man crush on Harry Styles. 
P: A cheeky Bacardi Breezer or Smirnoff Ice.. soz.
Lastly, what’s up next for VISTAS?
P: Up next for us it just more shows and more music. We have an amazing run of shows coming up including TRNSMT festival and also Bestival in Dorset, which we absolutely can’t wait for. Including those, we have more shows still to announce which can’t wait to let everyone know about. We also have another single coming out in August and we all think this one is really special. Keep your eyes on our socials to stay up to date with what we’re up to, we’ve got a lot coming up, and we hope people will join us for the ride! 


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