Honing funky pop in all it’s glory, Moonlight Zoo howl through three part harmonies and growling riffs.

A four piece with a bark; infectious melodies bide together to form a foolproof balance between indie-pop and rustic imperfections.

Performing at the Jack Rocks Stage on Friday, we talk drunken nights in Dunfermline, festival advice and Hanson with Moonlight Zoo, read below.

Photo by Cameron Brisbane.

For someone just discovering you guys, how would you sum up your sound for them?

Sensible nonsense sang in three-part harmony.

How did the name of the band come about?

This is the first time that anyone has asked us this question – we always said we’d keep it a secret. I guess we can let you guys know though. The band name was inspired by events that happen when all of the crazy pubs in Dunfermline close for the night and everyone is unleased on to the streets, drunkenly stumbling around, like wild animals in the night.

Best and worst nicknames you’v ever had?

Best: Dunfermline’s Supergroup

Worst: Moonlight Poo (we’re joking, we just couldn’t think of a bad one)

What was the first record you ever bought?

Seal – Kiss From a Rose (Batman Forever Soundtrack (on cassette))

The last song you were listening to?

Medicine Men – Eggshells

What excites you most about TRNSMT Festival?

I think TRNSMT will be exciting for everyone this year as it is its first year running. Nobody knows what to expect, so as a band we are all really looking forward to experiencing it first-hand. We’re totally buzzing to be sharing the Jack Rocks This Feeling Stage with a bunch of bands who we have played with up and down the country over the past year. Also, seeing our name on the poster alongside Radiohead and Belle & Sebastian is insane.

Best and worst festival advice you’ve ever been given/and or told?

Best: Always convince yourself that the warm liquid that just flew through the air, and down your back, isn’t actually someone’s urine.

Worst: If you’re desperate for the toilet in your tent at night, urinate into an empty Lucozade bottle…we won’t tell you why this was a bad idea.

Top 3 moments to still tick off the bucket list?

  1. Play a gig on a rooftop
  2. Release a number one single
  3. Play in Japan

(in no particular order)

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?


What’s up next?

We are all really looking forward to playing the festivals that we have lined up for the summer, most of all opening up the main stage at Party at the Palace. We’re also getting pumped to be releasing some new material after the festival season is over. There is a lot going on in the Zoo camp at the moment and we’re struggling to keep it a secret.

See you at TRNSMT.

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