Storming the globe with their debut album, The Amazons have found themselves immersed in a new symbol of rock and roll.

Admittedly, a new face to the genre, The Amazons are paving their own stretch of rock anthems. With their highly anticipated album peaking at No. 8 in the UK charts, it’s not a gamble to put all bets on the Reading band. Soaring vocals stride above thumping drums and guitar licks as another relentless track makes its appearance.

Playing the King Tuts Stage on Sunday, we chat Lorde, social media and guilty pleasures with The Amazons.

Phot by Matt Goff.

For someone just discovering you guys, how would you sum up your sound for them?

It’s Rock and Roll. We enjoy music with an energy and emotional urgency so we hope that bleeds into our sound.

Best and worst nickname you’ve ever had?

We had a heckler at a festival a while back and I won’t repeat what we heard him call us. Can’t say we’ve had any stand out nicknames yet so we’re open to suggestions!

What was the first record you ever bought?

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory. Great album.
The last song you were listening to?
I’ve been listening to all of Lorde’s new record. Really strong album, lots of depth. 
What excites you most about TRNSMT Festival?
The lineup, the Scottish audience, the fact the festival is in its first year.. so many reasons. We can’t wait to play. 
Best and worst festival tips you’ve ever been given/and or told?
Probably something like ‘Take this..’. I think  that covers both.
Top 3 moments you’re still to tick off the bucket list?
  1. Write and record 2nd record
  2. Walk from Lands End to John O Groats
  3. Beat my addiction to social media. We’re all addicted, don’t pretend you’re not. 

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

No such thing in music! I guess there’s a lot of pop music I seem to be drawn towards without even realising it.. Little Mix. 
What’s up next?
We’ve got the rest of a big festival season for us. Then we’re on a headline tour this October across the U.K, playing the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh. 

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