Unafraid to share his opinions – Declan Welsh & The Decadent West hit back at political and social issues with boisterous rhythms.

Spoken word that is both honourable and unapologetic; Declan and his band (formed of Duncan, Ben and Jamie) merge the inbetween to glorify a raucous sound.

Read below as we talk new track Useless, Kate Tempest and what’s next for Declan Welsh & The Decadent West.

3 words that sum up your sound?

Poetic Punk Stories.

Favourite song you’ve ever written?

Ehhhh, the one the now is this new tune Useless. I came up with it after discovering this diminished minor chord while learning a Nat king Cole song (what’ll I do, if yer wondering) and it’s just got this beautiful chord structure. The lyrics are also really decent, Ben, Duncs and Jamie are amazing on it too. There’s a line “And believe me I’ve tried, to find solace between someone else’s thighs, but it’s useless…” which I think sums up the single phase after a break up where you use sex as a replacement for emotional connection. Not to say that fleeting romantic encounters can’t be lovely for everyone involved, but as with all songs it’s about taking a snap shot of a moment or an emotion.

Favourite song to play live?

I definitely think it’s a toss up between No Pasaran and Times. No Pasaran because it’s angry, energetic and people go mental to it. Plus having a crowd shout anti-fascist stuff in Spanish is amazing. Then Times, especially because it’s means so much, is really amazing. It’s written specifically about last summer, and in tribute to our pal Gary Watson. He was someone who was so infectious and lived in the moment, brought everyone together, so it’s about the fact that he taught me to do that. Playing it when we headlined tuts with Hans, Chlo, Goldie and Gian was an experience I’ll never forget.

First festival you ever went to?

I did the obligatory post school T in the park full weekend in 2011 and it was unreal. Think it was the best line up in recent memory, and I got to see Pulp, which was just class. It was marred, as any event when you’re in a couple and 17 is, by a massive argument during Foo Fighters, but it’s all part of the experience eh? I’m sure it was my fault anyway.

Best and weirdest festival moment to date?

Best festival moment was the whole Sunday at last year’s T. Us and The Lapelles played and both had class crowds (though, obviously, theirs was the biggest and best) and then I got to see LCD soundsystem play All My Friends with all my friends. Loads of my pals from ek came down just for us as well, which was just amazing. I still can’t get over having pals from school support you from day one, and singing the songs at T. It’s humbling.

The last song you were listening to?

Boyfriend (Repeat) by Confidence Man. Absolute banger.

What excites you most about Electric Fields?

Getting to see Kate Tempest. She’s on a different plane to everyone else right now. My biggest inspiration these days, no doubt.

Top 3 moments to still tick off the bucket list?

Hmm. Overthrowing capitalism, writing a novel and meeting paddy mccourt.

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Ain’t No Doubt by Jimmy Naill or Save Your Kisses for Me, which is a euro vision song.

lastly, what’s up next?

We’re recording with Chris Marshall at 7 West. Then a UK tour that’s in the works for the end of the year. Album out early next year. World domination will follow shortly after, I’m sure.

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