They’re the soundtrack to your morning coffee; your day at the beach or your heart-sore break-up. A duo that can seize together any masterpiece to lift your spirits and start the day, Bristol-bound Meadowlark have finally announced their debut album, Postcards.

Set for release via AllPoints on June 30th, it is a day the Meadowlark fanbase has awaited since their Dual EP in 2015. Since, the pair have released a number of solo singles through 2016, all of this proving to be the entrée before the main meal (that suitably arrives in the form of Postcards).

With its announcement comes the title track of their album, Postcards. An easy listen, the single “acts as an ode to an ex-lover, it’s what you wish you could have said to someone but never felt you could at the time.” A delicate rendition of a broken heart, “Postcards’ (the song) is all about, being brave and opening up,” explains Dan, one half of Meadowlark.

That feeling of excitement as you ready for a big wave to dive beneath is similar to this feeling of anticipation. Just now, we’re sinking our feet in sand and preparing for what is to come, looking over the horizon with gleaming eyes.


Listen to Postcards below.



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