Lucy Rose performing in an intimate, rustic church venue on a Wednesday night? Yes please.

In perfect manner, Lucy Rose echoed throughout Glasgow’s favoured Oran Mor. A wonderful venue for any artist, but more so for the acoustic renditions that England’s Lucy Rose brings to stage.

Straight away, her angelic voice lifts heads, opens eyes and clears any ongoing conversation. Instead, a room that was one minute prior full of people queueing at the bar or catching up on this week’s drama (so far) becomes a room of obsolete silence. I have never seen a crowd more appreciative of their performer.

New songs disperse before ‘classics’ take place. In fact, she opens with the first three tracks off the sophomore album Something’s Changing; all of them sounding endlessly beautiful.

Her band take a time out for a solo performance of old favourite, Our Eyes. ‘I used to do this a lot when I busked but this is a lot different because you’re all definitely listening to me,‘ Rose explains as her nerves become a sense of nostalgia.

Closing with Find Myself, fans leave in a tranquil state of mind. A more peaceful show that thoroughly encapsulates Lucy Rose in all her existence.

To go back and do it all again, would be an honour.

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