Other Humans released their four song strong debut EP ‘Ruined Glitter’ on the 3 rd of February 2017.

The opening track ‘We Hate the Same Things’ has a Baby Strange feel with a strong opening guitar before powering into a drum beat. With the synth sounds throughout marking the tracks own twist.

Followed by ‘Off With His Head’. Again, holding a signature hum and catchy synth that wouldn’t sound too out of place coming from an MGMT album. Topped off with a light guitar solo floating across some lowered vocals. The blend of synth with guitar creates a track with a unique style.

‘Kids (Jungle Out There)’ and ‘Ride’ take the EP towards a more chilled and synth heavy basis, both coated with a light drum sequence.

The EP moves throughout a spectrum of holding slight Biffy Clyro hints to a tame Blossoms feel when it becomes more synth orientated in the final half. The EP experiments with exciting, original and powerful sounds leaving a finished product which you can’t help but enjoy.

Listen below.

Review by Douglas Hill.

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