Head to toe in glitter, LUV arrive in full force with debut, Loving Somebody.

A synth-soaked set up; LUV deliver a party anthem.

We’re hooked by a recurring loop of shimmers, eventually bursting into a groovy backdrop of slick guitar licks and thumping drums. Fronted by distorted vocals, Loving Somebody sees to candied sounds; sugary sweet and addictive.

Whilst others would turn that feeling (of being so attracted to someone that has moved on) into a love ballad, instead, they create a glossy new pop tune. Infatuated lyrics capture a charming tone – “my dreams are all about you lately, when you’re loving somebody”  –  this is no heartbreak anthem.

An impressive debut, LUV hold a fresh spin on electro-pop. Listen to Loving Somebody below.

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