Brighton based band, YONAKA dropped their debut EP, HEAVY earlier this month and it packs a punch to your ears.

This new emerging band aren’t messing around with their dynamic “dark-pop” anthems with a powerful lead guitar and signature drumming style.

This EP showcases the bands diversity including huge anthems fuelled by powerful guitar rifts which are juxtaposed to the more haunting resonances of Jarvis’ vocals.

First track on the EP, Bubblegum is a busy sound with singer Jarvis’ vocals looped over themselves’ creating an echo throughout the song. Next up on the track list is Run which includes clipped vocals during the verses which leads to a flowing chorus creating a paradoxical effect. This is shadowed by the instrumental section as it flitters from heavy guitar and plenty of reverb to silence, with an acapella bridge.

Gods & Lovers is high voltage and draws you in, in a hypnotic way. This song shows off Jarvis’ vocal range and the tight accompaniment created by the Band. A strong drumbeat and fuzzy bass are the backbone of the song.

The songs on this EP are cohesive – they all feel related to each other as they seamlessly flow from one into the next. It’s packed with juxtapositions, whether intentional or not, it is a rather “heavy” EP, yet the track titled Heavy happens to be the lightest of the five songs… tempo wise compared to the others and Jarvis’ ethereal vocals performing the sombre lyrics. Heavy is a sultry sound and a great choice for the final song as it leaves you desperate for more.

You can grab a copy here.

Review by Sacha Patston.

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