Photo by Phoebe Fox.

Society has built up this stereotypical guideline for life – it starts at school before pushing your mind into achieving a degree at university and then landing yourself a well-payed job to tie up that student debt, all before quickly settling down and creating a family – it’s exhausting, right?

That’s where Get Inuit come in as new track, All My Friends, battles against these protocols in a wonderfully, explosive way.

All my friends are dead,” kicks it off with a bitter spit at life. Despite it’s honorably honest lyrics, each word is backed by a fun, energetic backdrop and glazed in a subtle, sugar coating.

Accompanying the track, an amusing video that conveys the exact message of this song. As a band that present themselves through hilarious online videos, it seems fitting that Jack should dress as a clown and cause an uproar.

Pulling some scary clown faces, the innocence of youth is ruined at a kids birthday party whilst others argue with the dampened comedian.

To put it short, this is one clown you definitely don’t want to run into.

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