Dan Croll returns with his much anticipated latest single Away From Today.

This multi-layered track has multiple dimensions as Croll effortlessly combines an African melodious undercurrent laced with big brass instrumentals which creates enticing polyrhythms all topped with his soft harmonies.

Away From Today feels much bigger than Croll’s usual sound, as you can feel a big brass band behind him throughout the song. This never becomes overpowering as he counteracts it with soft jingles and tinkling on the keys. It has been carefully crafted like his previous songs which just demonstrates the musical ingenuity of this multi instrumentalist.

As his first release of 2017 this bodes well for the rest of the year for Dan Croll. Not one to shy away from experimenting with opposing sounds this is just a flavour of what’s to come with a headline tour up and down the UK in May.

Review by Sacha Patston.

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